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Disturbing Media Coverage Over Biblical Remedy
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Graphic Photos: Illegal-Alien Smuggler Attacks Border Patrol Agent
Cartels are known for revenge crimes, including "beheadings, hangings and acid baths – against traitors" and marking victims with body paint. Read more…
Clinton Gave Biden Warning During Private WH Meeting
The situation is not good for Democrats. Read more…
Voting Tech Company Just Got Terrible Legal News: Report
Prosecutors at the Department of Justice have implicated the company in a bribery scheme involving a former Filipino official. Read more…
Dog Jumps in River and 3 Crocs Approach… Nobody Expected Their Next Move
As three crocodiles approached, everyone expected the worst. Read more…
Shocking Video: Indiana Suspect Rams Car Into His Own Mother in High-Speed Flee from Police
The high-speed chase ended in gun shots and injuries. Read more…
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NFL Superstar’s Wife Slammed Over Taylor Swift’s Viral NFL Moment
The ugliness of social media reared its head as soon as Taylor Swift went viral at an NFL game. Read more…
Shock as Homeschooling Family Now Faces Deportation
This family has been persecuted for their lifestyle, but now face deportation back to an oppressive existence.

Meanwhile, economic migrants continue to rush over the southern border virtually unopposed.
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West Coast Is Dead Center for Solar Eclipse - They're About to Learn a Big Lesson
They’re about to learn what happens to solar power when the sun goes dark. Read more…
Rapinoe Caught Doing Something Embarrassing at Her Final Game
Rapinoe thinks she’s very cool. Read more…
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