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Trump Responds to DeSantis VP Possibility
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Tucker Carlson Is Back with a Vengeance
“So great to see you back Tucker.” Read more…
Breaking: Huge Tucker Carlson Development
Tucker Carlson’s first episode of his new show is out. Read more…
Fox News Host Apologizes for What He Said About Chris Christie
“I really do feel terrible about it.” Read more…
Bud Light Hit with Another Financial Loss
Anheuser-Busch is losing more money. Read more…
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Red Alert: Biden Could Use Dirty Trick to Win in 2024
Conservatives should be thinking about legal challenges if this scenario plays out. Read more…
Chris Christie Hit with Humiliating News on Day of Campaign Launch
This is not the kind of news a candidate wants on the day they announce their run for president. Read more…
Tucker Ends New Twitter Show with Apparent Warning to Elon Musk
“We are told there are no gatekeepers here.” Read more…
Why is the DOJ Focused on Trump’s Pool?
The incident happened last year. Read more…
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Solomon: Musk Critics Seize on 'Twitter Files' Controversy, But the Case Against Him Is Weak
Twitter’s lawyers made a stunning claim about the “Twitter Files” last week. Read more…
Op-Ed: Hip-Hop Culture, Not Racism, Is the Real Threat
Be proactive. Promote sound moral values and the importance of love and truth in your family and community. Read more…
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