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Privacy is Freedom. Protect your phone, location and more.
Defense Enabling and Assisting Framework (DEAF) is the BEST cloaking mechanism for your cell phone calls to keep third parties from intercepting them. Read more…
Deadly Terror Attack Hits Jerusalem - Look at the Suspects
The perpetrators have been identified as two brothers who had been jailed on terror charges. Read more…

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Dem AG Announces Election Charges Against Two Republican Officials
The two Republicans are charged with Interference with an Election Officer and Conspiracy. Read more…
Big City Dem Mayor Has His Car Stolen for the Second Time
Car thefts have become much more common in Colorado in recent years. Read more…
Fauci to Be Forced to Give COVID Answers Under Oath
This has been in the works for months. Read more…
GOP Could Score Major Win Over Biden
Biden really would like this to go through. Read more…
Billionaire Dem Donor Has Seen Enough, Makes Brutal Demand to Biden
“The right thing for Biden to do is to step aside.” Read more…
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Sports Journalist Admits He Fell for Fake News
There’s always more than meets the eye. Read more…
Young Chiefs Fan Attacked by Left Speaks Out
The young fan and his father appeared on Fox News to discuss the situation. Read more…
Biden Calls Trump a ‘Congressman’
Biden is currently the oldest sitting president the United States has ever had. Read more…
BLM Leader Makes Shock Presidential Endorsement - No One Was Expecting This
“The policies actually strike at the heart of the black family and the nuclear family.” Read more…
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Op-Ed: The Collapse of the Global American Empire
This is an existential battle. Americans must awaken from their lethargy if we are to survive. Read more…
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