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Russia To U.S. In 86 secs Alert Thats How Long It Would Take
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While Everyone Is Worried About Current Event. See What The Administrations Doing to Protect Their Own Families Read more…
'Jeopardy' Host Goes to Town on ‘Progressive Feminists'
“These crimes against women were in many cases documented by the terrorists themselves and broadcast for the world to see.” Read more…

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Devastating Turn for Harry and Meghan - Could Soon Be Stripped of Royal Titles
The law allowing this, originally passed in wartime, could soon be used to strip the royalty of all titles. Read more…
Bad News for DeSantis Just Weeks Ahead of First GOP Caucus
It’s bad news for DeSantis just weeks ahead of the first GOP caucus. Read more…
Outrage: Only 1 of 9 Men Convicted for Gang Raping Teen Girl Will See Jail
The lone man to receive a jail sentence will will only serve two years and nine months in prison without parole. Read more…
Watch: That’s Convenient! All J6 Witness Video Evidence Has Mysteriously Disappeared
The missing video tapes of Democrat star witness Cassidy Hutchinson are particular important since she changed her testimony. Read more…
McCarthy Believes Fellow Republican ‘Belongs in Jail’
“Tough words from a guy who sucker punches people in the back.” Read more…
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Climate Protesters Disrupt Opera, Get Rude Awakening When the Curtain Drops
When the curtain dropped, these protesters got a rude awakening. Read more…
CNN’s Latest Stunt is a Major Flop
CNN’s newest show is called ‘King Charles.’ Read more…
Watch: Fetterman Says ‘Sinister’ Democrat ‘Needs to Go’
Fetterman said Santos' lies were just silly. Read more…
Forbes Makes Disturbing Move with ‘30 Under 30’ List
Forbes was founded in 1917 and is well known for its lists. Read more…
Plan: Drivers Must Pay to Enter Parts of NYC - Here’s What It Would Fund
On top of rising costs, struggling drivers would have an entirely new problem to deal with under this plan. Read more…
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