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Rigged: The Zuckerberg Funded Plot to defeat Donald Trump
Sponsored by Citizens United
The 2020 Election Tell-All Movie. How Zuckerberg plotted against Trump to manipulate the election. Read more…
Big Twist in Times Square Brawl Case: Charges Dropped Entirely
He has been cleared of all charges. Read more…

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Police Post Video of Violent Robbery Unfolding in Middle America - Victim Was Asked 1 Question Before
The incident unfolded in front of the gas station’s cameras. Read more…
Climate Protester Tossed Like a Ragdoll After Rushing Senator
The confrontation ended with the protester on the ground. Read more…
Pregnant Amish Woman Found Slain, Arrest Made
The woman appeared to have cutting wounds on her body. Read more…
Trump Has Chosen Who He Wants to Replace McConnell: Report
Trump has reportedly made his decision. Read more…
Firefighters Pull Off Jaw-Dropping Rescue After Rolling Up to ‘Worst Case Scenario’
Without the proper training, this could have easily ended in disaster. Read more…
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Judge Who Removed Trump from Ballot Originally Oversaw Traffic Court
This judge was working traffic court before removing Trump from Americans' ballots. Read more…
Momentum Builds Around the Most Important Conservative Boycotts Yet
“Time to boycott CVS & Walgreens.” Read more…
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Dick Morris: The Rise of Globo-Skepticism
Pro-Trump Republicans are leading a major change within the party. Read more…
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