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NRA Found Liable in Case Brought by NY AG Letitia James
Only one of the men in this trial still works for the gun rights group. Read more…

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Cellphone Data Blows Huge Hole in Willis and Wade Story
The reported cellphone data will dramatically undermine Willis' claims if it’s confirmed. Read more…
Angler's State Record Revoked, Trophy Fish Seized
In an unexpected turn, the record for this big fish was revoked shortly after being given. Read more…
Nike's MLB Uniform Problem Just Got Even Worse
The MLB Players' Association is getting involved. Read more…
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Fox Cameras Catch Disturbing Immigrant Release During Live Shot
This is not a good look for Joe Biden or Gavin Newsom. Read more…
Devastating Motion Filed Against Jack Smith - ‘Political Ally' of Sitting Attorney General
Jack Smith’s case wouldn’t just be demolished, he’d be removed entirely from the proceedings. Read more…
Biden’s Border Policies Killed 22-Year-Old Student
The 22-year-old’s cause of death is reportedly blunt force trauma at the hands of an illegal who was freed due to detention overcrowding. Read more…
One of Trump's VP Picks Speaks Out About What 45 Really Needs in a Second-in-Command
Trump’s decision here will have a powerful impact on the rest of his campaign. Read more…
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