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Jonathan Cahn unveils shocking secrets that are changing your world!
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The Return of the Gods is not only one of the most explosive books you’ll ever read but also one of the most profound. The book you can’t afford not to read. Read more…
Wells Fargo Exec. Leaped to His Death from Boardroom Window
The executive had been taking meetings late at night, his family said. Read more…

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11 Illegal Aliens Found at Scene of Horrific Crime
Even worse, the woman who allegedly delivered one girl into the hands of these animals was apparently related to her. Read more…
Major 2A Victory Secured in Maryland
A federal judge has blocked the implementation of several parts of a Maryland gun control law that took effect Sunday. Read more…
Late-Night Host Calls for Biden to Step Down
The audience shutters at Maher’s nickname for Biden. Read more…
Is This The Face of Jesus? A.I. Applied to Shroud of Turin Generates Life-Like Image
The image reveals a face with distinct features. Read more…
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Lindsey Graham Puts Big Stipulation on Border Funding
This is the cost of border funding, it seems. Read more…
Nikki Haley Says Trump Followed 'Birdbrain' Insult with Brutal Delivery to Her Room
After Trump’s brutal rating of her debate performance, Haley says she found the gift waiting. Read more…
Did You Notice What Gen. Milley Shamelessly Slipped Into His Retirement Speech?
One line in Milley’s retirement speech is getting noticed in a big way. Read more…
NFL Rigged? Fans Are Furious
Is the NFL bending a knee to Taylor Swift? Read more…
Will Oprah Become Senator Without Being Elected?
There is an open spot for Oprah. Read more…
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