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3 Toxic Foods For Dogs: The One Meat You Should Never Feed your Dog
Sponsored by Dr. Marty
Are you harming your dog? Many so called “healthy” pet foods contain harmful ingredients. Read more…
Video: Group Swarms Former NFL MVP, Massive Fight Erupts
Newton, who is often portrayed by his critics as soft and out of touch, appeared more than ready to take on multiple attackers. Read more…

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US Women's Cycling Team Punished for Trying to Deceive Race Organizers
The sanctions were announced a day after one of the women on the team won the Clasica de Almeria in Spain. Read more…
Trump Wins Over Senate GOP Critic, Increasing Support for 2024
Trump just picked up a big endorsement. Read more…
63 Walmart Closures Reported - Are You Affected?
Would you rather have a Walmart with lower prices or local businesses with customer service instead? Read more…
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Illegal Immigrant Brags About Living Off US Taxpayers on ‘Vacation’
He also bragged about raking in large sums of money while begging at traffic lights. Read more…
'SNL' May Never Invite Shane Gillis Back After This Controversial Monologue
"SNL" couldn't stop the comedian from being who he's always been. Read more…
‘Mary Poppins’ Age Rating Raised for Antiquated Racial Term
For decades this film has been a favorite of children and adults alike, but now progressives have found some antiquated language to be offended over. Read more…
Jerry Seinfeld Gives Pro-Palestinian Protesters the Response They Deserve
Comedian Jerry Seinfeld became the latest victim of the anti-Israel mob. Read more…
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