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Call to Alvin Bragg’s Office Goes Viral Over What House Staffer Heard on Other End of the Line - Report
This is deadly ammo for anyone claiming that the DA’s office attacking Trump is filled with out-of-control egos. Read more…

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New Plan Emerges to Combat Joe's Commie China-Style Takeover
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A New Plan has Emerged that seeks to Combat Democrat President Joe Biden's agenda for a Chinese Communist Party-Style Takeover. Protect Your Wealth! Read more…
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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Has Bad News for Woke School District
Governor Sanders clearly isn’t happy. Read more…
Family Dollar Employee Hit with Murder Charge for How He Handled Shoplifter
The employee alleges the deceased was a serial shoplifter. Read more…
Disney In Deep Trouble? ‘Serious Consequences’ on the Horizon
“Then she was terminated when she refused to do something she believed was reprehensible.” Read more…
Trucker Gets Massive Sum from Police After They Illegally Confiscated Thousands of Dollars
This is just one of the latest examples that prove civil asset forfeiture has needed to be reformed for years. Read more…
NHL Owner Arrested
“(The wife) appeared to be in distress as she was currently heavily crying.” Read more…
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‘The View’ Host Considers Leaving Country
The hosts of “The View” were discussing the happiest countries on earth. Read more…
Watch: Gutfeld Torches NYT’s Climate Change Confession
The New York Times made a major confession that dismantles the climate crisis narrative. Read more…
Charles Barkley Blasts DC Swamp on Live TV: 'Our Politicians Are Awful People'
“Democrats and Republicans, they’re all crooks.” Read more…
Christian NHL Duo Refuses to Don Pride Jerseys
The jerseys worn would be auctioned off and proceeds would go to LGBT charities. Read more…
MLB Tries to Trademark the Name of a City
“The government should flat-out reject this,” a law professor said. Read more…
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