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Watch: Trump Uses 9 Words for Epic Takedown of Liberal Media
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
You have to give it to President Donald Trump: The man is a trolling master. On Sunday, the president hosted... Read more…
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Nikki Haley Reveals How Biden's Biggest Problem Isn't What You'd Think
Posted by Joe Saunders
Nikki Haley is teaching liberals a lesson in power that every politician needs to learn. When the former United Nations... Read more…
Hillary Clinton Puts Stunning Hypocrisy on Display with Advice for Joe Biden
Posted by Joe Saunders
Hillary Clinton has spent almost three decades in the public eye giving Americans a continuing lesson in hypocrisy and contempt... Read more…
Leftist Elitists Get Stunning COVID Exemption - But You Could Go to Jail if You Do This
Posted by Christine Favocci
Leftist politicians are once again playing favorites and selectively enforcing measures meant to stop the spread of coronavirus, this time... Read more…
Biden Terrified Trump Could Do the Unthinkable: Report
Posted by Erin Coates
MSNBC's "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd reported Tuesday that Joe Biden's campaign is worried President Donald Trump will "overperform... Read more…
Black Attorney General Sends Epic Message to Biden from RNC Stage
Posted by Jack Davis
The first African-American attorney general in Kentucky's history sent a message to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Tuesday that... Read more…
Arrest Made After Trump Supporters Targeted with Gunshots
Posted by Erin Coates
A man who is accused of firing a gun at President Donald Trump supporters in South Carolina on Monday has... Read more…
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Libs Say Trump Supporter Called Obama a Monkey, But Look Who Actually Said It
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
The so-called Lincoln Project -- the self-indulgent group of former minor lights in the anti-Trump Republican establishment who've made a... Read more…
Here's How Trump Is Beating Black Lives Matter at Its Own Game
Posted by Michael Austin
President Donald Trump announced his second-term agenda on Sunday. As opposed to the demands of the Black Lives Matter movement,... Read more…
Alarming Number of Illegal Criminals Sitting in LA Jails, Shielded from ICE
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
Are illegal immigrants currently in jail safer there than in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement? More importantly, are... Read more…
CNN Host Wants Rioting To Stop Because It's Hurting Democrats
Posted by Joe Saunders
Sometimes it takes CNN-level cynicism to understand what really matters to Democrats. As Kenosha, Wisconsin, became the latest American city... Read more…
Did CNN's Cuomo Just Call Sen. Tim Scott an Uncle Tom?
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
Apparently, the normal rules of caution regarding avoidance of so-called "dog whistles" don't apply when you're talking about conservatives. That's... Read more…
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Australia Just Canceled 'Ellen'
Posted by Amanda Thomason
Like superheroes, television personalities often fall out of favor at some point. There's an arc to their storyline, and for... Read more…
Mysterious Safe and Note Found in Field Belonging to Farmer
Posted by Amanda Thomason
There's something irresistible about the chance of discovering treasure. It's a pirate trope. It's what drives people to buy lottery... Read more…
Social Media Star Dead at Age 19
Posted by Amanda Thomason
Losing a loved one is always heartbreaking, but when it's a young parent, it's especially sad because there are so... Read more…
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Black Sports Pundit Exposes How LeBron James 'Is a Bigot'
Posted by Erin Coates
Sports pundit Jason Whitlock took NBA star LeBron James to task for his response to the Kenosha, Wisconsin, police shooting... Read more…
Unbelievable COVID Testing Error Exposed - Americans Should Be Outraged
Posted by Erin Erhardt
Over the weekend, 77 individuals from 11 NFL teams, including players, coaches and staff, tested positive for COVID-19. The results... Read more…
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Biden Says 'Not Another Foot of Wall' Now, But Look How Many Miles He Voted for in 2007
Posted by Alfonso Aguilar
Joe Biden, who is now controlled by the radical left, is committed to undermining the security of America through open... Read more…
Pence Made Vice Presidential History and You Probably Never Heard a Word About It
Posted by Chad Banghart
Long a Machiavellian political posturer, California Sen. Kamala Harris now has her sights set on America’s greatest political prize: The... Read more…
Conservative Professor Issues Stark Warning About 1% of the People... We're in Trouble
Posted by Paul Kengor
In a recent exclusive for The Western Journal, Gen. Michael Flynn expressed a keen observation and frustration. “I was once... Read more…
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Bearing False Witness
Posted by A.F. Branco
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