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Unscripted Biden Makes Such a Bad Blunder, CNN Reporter Has to Fact-Check Him in Middle of Speech
The president was fact-checked multiple times before wrapping his first major congressional speech. Read more…
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Family of Air Force Vet Killed on Jan. 6 Takes Major Action Against Capitol Police
Babbitt was unarmed when she was shot and killed by a Capitol police officer on Jan. 6. Read more…
Senate Dem Says the Words Biden White House Doesn't Want Uttered
'I do anticipate that we will find shared agreement on the provisions of this bill and the goal in trying to relieve the pressure on our border communities.' Read more…
Mitch McConnell Makes Huge Accusation Against Biden
'This is not what the American people bargained for.' Read more…
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Rep Exposes Biden's 'Buy American' Fraud with 1 Damning Pic from Speech
Rep. McHenry tweeted the seemingly damning picture after Biden's first congressional address. Read more…
Radio Host Allegedly Kills Cop After Saying These 3 Words to Her Audience
Police say the woman confessed to guzzling vodka before the accident. Read more…
Judge Rules on Dems' Desperate Attempt to Shut Down AZ Election Audit
Democrats had tried to stop an audit of the 2020 presidential election in Maricopa County, Arizona. Read more…
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Op-Ed: Biden's First 100 Days Have Been a Nightmare for Social Conservatives
'Consider just ten decisions made within the first 100 days of the new administration that show why social conservatives are not optimistic about the next four years.' Read more…
Fred Weinberg: We Don't Have a 'Systemic Racism' Problem, We Have a 'Systemic Baloney' Problem
'Is it even possible that we have made no progress since the Civil Rights Act of 1964?' Read more…
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