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Alert: Peanut Butter Recall Rapidly Expands, Not Just Jars of Jif Anymore
Posted by Jared Harris
Now, it's not just jars of Jif that need to be trashed. Read more…
Anonymous Person Makes Incredible Move to Help Uvalde Families
Posted by Jack Davis
'We appreciate that anonymous donor for his generosity,' Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said. Read more…
Elementary Student Had Innocent Talk with Uvalde Killer Week Before Shooting, It's Horrifying in Context
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
Nobody had any idea the gravity of these seemingly innocent questions until gunfire rang out. Read more…
GOP Makes Big Move After Discovering WHO's Plan for Super-Government Inside American Borders
Posted by Jack Gist
'We must quickly pass this bill to ensure that public health matters in the country remain in the hands of Americans.' Read more…
George Washington Turning His Back on 'In God We Trust' on New Quarters
Posted by Jared Harris
There is one noticeable change that many are seeing on the new George Washington quarters. Read more…
Video: Uninvited Guest at NYC Dog Park Causes Huge Disruption, Entertaining Dogs and Going Viral
Posted by Amanda Thomason
It was certainly a very New York moment. Read more…
FBI Accused of 'Cover-Up' in Dig for Mysterious Civil War-Era Treasure Trove
Posted by The Associated Press
'It’s very curious why the FBI is going to such an extent to misdirect and be so obstructionist on this,' an associate of local treasure hunters said. Read more…
Suspected Robber Accidentally Helps Police by Shooting Accomplice
Posted by Andrew Jose
Police were able to follow a trail of blood to an apartment that contained several stolen items and firearms.
Read more…

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