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Revealed: School Shooter Last Instagram Conversation - He Was 1 Twisted Person
Posted by Andrew Jose
The heart of the problem in America isn't guns. The heart of the problem in America is the problem of Americans' hearts.

Gun control will not stop these horrible attacks. Only a return to traditional, Judeo-Christian values will help end them.
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Uvalde 4th Grader Shares Horror Story of Time Inside Massacre Classroom
Posted by Jack Davis
The young man shared the horrible details in such a composed way - most adults couldn't have done better. Read more…
'It Doesn't Exist' - Candace Owens Takes AOC Apart Over Outright Lie About School Shootings
Posted by Elizabeth Stauffer
Owens wasted no time taking apart the socialist lawmaker's lie about the school shooting. Read more…
Cause of Death Revealed for 3 Americans Who Died at Bahamas Resort
Posted by Jack Davis
The Americans were found unresponsive in their hotel rooms. Read more…
Father of School Shooting Victim Has 3-Point Plan to Protect Schools - And It Doesn't Involve Banning Guns
Posted by Randy DeSoto
The father called the Texas school shooting 'preventable.' Read more…
Video: Horrific Bow-and-Arrow, Knife Attack Leaves 5 Dead, Proves Dem Schemes for Gun Control Don't Work
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
In a country with far fewer guns than the US, a mass killing took place. Read more…
Obama Stomped on Uvalde Parents' Feelings, And Laura Bobert Was There to Take Him Down
Posted by Jack Davis
One of the most tone-deaf, heartless posts by Obama ever. Read more…
Watch: Beto O'Rourke Disrupts Abbott's Press Conference on School Shooting
Posted by Richard Moorhead
The mayor of Uvalde was not putting up with Beto O'Rourke.
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Boy Gets Text from Stranger, Hours Later He's Dead in Own Home
Posted by Jack Davis
This case and others like it are so disturbing that the FBI is now issuing a warning to parents about the horrors of this new threat to children. Read more…
Watch: Tucker Unleashes on Biden After Response to Texas School Shooting
Posted by Abby Liebing
It wasn't just Tucker Carlson who was furious with Biden after his speech. Read more…

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