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Republicans Gain Historic Power After Democrat Switches Parties
Posted by Jack Davis
This hasn’t happened in over 200 years. Read more…

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‘I Have Never Seen Biden This Scared’ - Video of Joe Goes Viral
Posted by George C. Upper III
"First time he’s ever had real questions thrown at him." Read more…
Fans Thrilled Over Who Filled In for Laura Ingraham’s Show
Posted by George C. Upper III
“We will miss Laura but can’t think of a better host in her absence.” Read more…
This Is What Will Happen to Trump If He Is Arrested
Posted by Jack Davis
Donald Trump has said he will be arrested on Tuesday. Read more…
Watch What KJP Does as WH Reporters Revolt
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
A mini-rebellion took place at the White House media briefing. Read more…
Trump Reveals When He’ll Be Arrested Next Week
Posted by Jack Davis
Trump made the announcement on Truth Social. Read more…
Pelosi’s Post About Trump Blows Up in Her Face
Posted by Johnathan Jones
Pelosi walked right into this one. Read more…
CNN Correspondent Posts New Update on Fetterman’s Health - It Does Not Go Over Well
Posted by Johnathan Jones
The update is raising eyebrows. Read more…
After Trump Arrest Story Hits, McCarthy Issues Immediate Orders to Help Ex-POTUS
Posted by Jack Davis
The question is whether McCarthy can move fast enough to intervene. Read more…
Video: Meteorologist's Eyes Cross, She Slumps, Then Breaks Desk as She Passes Out Live on Air
Posted by Carson Choate
The chirpy, morning-news atmosphere turned dark quickly. Read more…

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