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Biden Makes Infuriating Claim While Discussing Cutting Middle Class Out of Next Stimulus Checks
Posted by Michael Austin
When then-President Donald Trump called on Congress to revise its COVID stimulus package, he was demanding that the American middle... Read more…
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Dem Unveils Radical Anti-Gun Bill That Would Apply Even if You Own 1 Antique Gun
Posted by Christine Favocci
Just weeks into a new administration, Democrats are already hard at work attempting to strip Americans of their rights. One... Read more…
Biden's Soft Stance on China May Come at A Terrible Price
Posted by Michael Austin
While President Joe Biden continues to ease up on the Chinese Communist Party, increasingly disturbing reports continue to surface concerning... Read more…
Tucker Carlson Rips AOC for Her Ridiculous Video About Capitol Incursion
Posted by Kipp Jones
Fox News host Tucker Carlson summarized Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's death-defying account of events during the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion... Read more…
Supreme Court Makes Huge Announcement About Election Lawsuits
Posted by Erin Coates
The Supreme Court on Friday listed several high-profile election lawsuits it will consider at its mid-February conference. The cases include... Read more…
Biden Admin Makes Announcement About Ridiculous Mask Plan
Posted by Jack Davis
Almost four months after a survey reported that the vast majority of Americans wear masks as recommended during the coronavirus... Read more…
Shock Price Tag for DC National Guard Deployment Revealed
Posted by Jack Davis
The bill for having National Guard troops in Washington to respond to threats that have not emerged is moving closer... Read more…
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Listen: Look What Democrats Were Caught Red-Handed Saying on Hot Mic
Posted by Grant Atkinson
It used to be that Democratic lawmakers would be at least a little less obvious with their hatred for America's... Read more…
Biden's Defense Secretary Issues Massive Military-Wide Order
Posted by Jared Harris
Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin issued a service-wide stand down order after a meeting with top-level military commanders in a... Read more…
'Let 'Em Die': Lib Doc Demands Death for People in Video Doing 1 Thing
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
Dr. Cleavon Gilman, best known to Twitter users as Cleavon MD, has excerpts from the Hippocratic Oath on his COVID-19... Read more…
Watch: Tucker Carlson Exposes John Kerry's Stunning Hypocrisy
Posted by Samantha Chang
Fox News host Tucker Carlson torpedoed Democratic "climate czar" John Kerry for gallivanting around the world in gas-guzzling private jets... Read more…
Watch: Jen Psaki Announcement About Masks Will Make Your Blood Boil
Posted by Christine Favocci
Forget about the other freedoms President Joe Biden is crushing with his new administration -- the simple act of leaving... Read more…
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Woman Shares Heartfelt Thank You to Strangers Who Helped Save Husband's Life
Posted by Amanda Thomason
If you frequent social media or watch a lot of what's on television, it would seem that the whole world... Read more…
Hero Cops and K-9 Partner Do the Incredible to Save Lives of Two Children
Posted by Amanda Thomason
Few things are as impressive as a well-trained police dog. They're intelligent, athletic and powerful -- you certainly don't want... Read more…
Take a Peek Inside: Family of 4 Turns RV Into Dream Home on Wheels
Posted by Amanda Thomason
Andy and Kris Murphy, 32, and their two sons, Kieghan, 12, and Kinsler, 6, are a pretty normal family. They... Read more…
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Super Bowl Stars Make Incredible Christianity Proclamation
Posted by Jack Davis
They will be wearing different colors Sunday when they take the field for the Super Bowl, but members of the... Read more…
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Itxu Díaz: NYT Pushes Biden to Establish Truth Commission
Posted by Itxu Díaz
When the left enters a room, freedom leaps out the window. They are like water and oil. In fact, I’m... Read more…
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