Adopter Doesn't Show Up for Dog, Foster Mom Who Cried for 4 Days Learns It's a Set-Up


So many dogs are abandoned every year. Many end up in shelters, waiting to be adopted by a loving family. Thankfully, there are amazing volunteers who help take care of these stranded dogs.

Nicki Clawson had been helping out the folks at NorthWest Boxer Rescue. She was a foster parent, taking in stray dogs from the shelter until a family could adopt the furry friends.

Foster parenting is a very important part of the rescue for dogs. Shelters can be extremely stressful and keeping the dogs in a loving home would help them get ready for a permanent family of their own.

Clawson welcomed a new boxer, Cookie, into her home, but this dog’s journey to a permanent family would be a confusing one. It would leave Clawson in tears for days.

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Soon, dog and foster mom fell in love. Cookie’s sweet and gentle nature won Clawson over and, for a while, they were happy.

Then news came from the shelter that Cookie was about to get adopted. They set up a meet and greet so that the new family could meet this gentle pooch.

After deciding on a meeting spot, Clawson headed out.

Torn between happiness that Cookie would now have a loving family and sadness at the thought of losing the perfect dog, Clawson arrived. No one was there.

Behind the scenes, the shelter was at work. Knowing that Clawson was the perfect owner for Cookie, they recruited Clawson’s husband, Tim, to help out with the biggest surprise of Clawson’s life.

Together, they worked on Cookie’s adoption papers listing Clawson as the new owner! But the surprise would cause a flood of tears, as Clawson unknowingly continued to wait at the meet and greet spot.

She soon became frustrated that the new owners were late in showing. After some time, her heart sank in disappointment. The new parents must have gotten cold feet.

She decided to give the new owners a call. As she looked through the adoption paperwork, searching for a phone number, she received the big shock.

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Her phone number was listed as the contact.

A video captured the moment as Clawson discovered that she will never be separated from her beloved Cookie. She dissolved into tears of joy as she hugged the fortunate dog.

“You get to stay,” she exclaimed. Clawson had been crying for four days, thinking about losing this special friend. Now mother and dog would be together, sharing a loving home.

There would be no goodbyes, only happy memories to build together.

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