Age 2 Boy Abandoned by Mom on Sub-zero Porch, But Dog Won't Leave Toddler to Die


Russia has one of the most unbearable winters known to the world. According to CNN, the capital Moscow just experienced the heaviest snowfall since 1957.

Experts say that the area witnessed 8.6 inches of snow Sunday, Feb. 4. The snowy weather has now caused severe conditions, including fallen trees.

Additionally, schools have been canceled and over 850 flights have been postponed until further notice.

While the snowstorm has caused some major damages and change of plans, it has also brought harm to the locals.

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The snowy weather has already claimed the life of one person and injured five others. Yet, these unfortunate events are quite normal for Russia.

Just last January 2017, a 2-year-old boy was abandoned by his mother during one of the worst snow days.

As reported, the young child was left stranded on the sub-zero freezing porch of his home located in the Altai region of southern Siberia.

It’s almost impossible to imagine a mother doing what this mother did. What could the boy possibly have done to receive such horrible treatment?

Whatever it was, it wasn’t enough to warrant such heartless behavior. The woman who did this to him clearly had little maternal instinct or affection for her child.

Temperatures had fallen to minus 12 degrees Celcius (10.4 degrees Fahrenheit), forcing the boy to weather the excruciating cold outdoors. But there was one being who didn’t leave the toddler to die.

For two whole days, the family’s dog never left his side. It managed to keep the toddler warm and safe.

By time neighbors found the child, he was already suffering from acute hypothermia. His mom eventually arrived four days after he had been discovered and was jailed for the criminal act.

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She was also investigated for “deliberately abandoning” the 2-year-old, who was being treated for his injuries. He remained in the hospital for some time until he was fully recovered.

In the end, officials credited the dog for saving the child. The kid had no food or shelter to maintain his health for 48 hours, but he did have the love and comfort of his pet.

If it wasn’t for the pup’s natural instincts, the boy would’ve definitely lost his life. That would’ve been too much for even an adult to handle, but apparently a boy and his dog could survive such an ordeal.

As officials have said, this pup was a true “saviour” to his young owner, and his heroism reminds us that dogs are really our best friends.

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