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Age 33 Woman Hasn't Cut Hair in 28 Years, Now It's Over 6'5" Long


Meet Alena Kravchenko, a 33-year-old woman from Odessa, Ukraine, who has not cut her hair since she was 5 years old.

While her hair is usually braided and wrapped in a large bun on top of her head, Kravchenko lets her hair down for special occasions.

And when she does, the wife and mom of twin girls transforms into a real-life Rapunzel, with magically long flowing locks reaching the floor.

Kravchenko doesn’t mind the attention and loves being referred to as Rapunzel.

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“I feel honored when people call me Rapunzel,” Kravchenko told the Inside Edition. “Since childhood, my mother would tell me that feminine beauty stems directly from a woman’s hair.”

Kravchenko hasn’t had a proper haircut since she was 5 years old. She will occasionally trim the split ends herself, but has no plans to cut her hair again, ever.

Have you ever seen hair this long?

She also avoids hair dryers and hair products, taking a less-is-more approach to maintaining her long locks. She washes her hair maybe once a week or so, and uses natural oils as needed to keep it healthy.

“Initially, I experimented with my hair a lot,” Kravchenko said.

“I used to keep different hairstyles but now I try to take proper care of my hair. My hair is easy to comb and does not cause me any inconvenience.”
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Kravchenko’s hair has become a source of income for her, especially when she makes appearances as Rapunzel at parties.

While Kravchenko said she hopes her 6-year-old daughters come to appreciate long hair, too, she plans to let them make their own hairstyle choices.

As for herself, Kravchenko feels strongly about keeping her hair length. Her hair has become a part of who she is, and Kravchenko likes it that way.

“I will never cut my hair because this is not only the external manifestation — this is my soul, my inner world, which will always be with me,” she said.

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