Age 5 Boy on Life Support after Mom Slams Head into Floor, Family Praying for Miracle


Children come into this world innocent and free of malice, but their environment may be a totally different story.

Little ones all around the world deserve a loving and caring home to grow up in, and while this is an ideal situation, it’s not always the case.

It certainly hasn’t been for 5-year-old Alexander Levi Robertson of Norfolk, Virginia.

He has been fighting for his life since Monday, Jan. 8, and his own flesh and blood is the reason for that.

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Alexander’s mom, 32-year-old Jaye Handley, was arrested for child abuse. Police were called after she had beat her son with a shoe and slammed his head into the floor.

On that Thursday, her 33-year-old boyfriend, Justin Cox, was also arrested in connection with the crime. He was brought up on charges of child neglect.

The young boy, a smart and happy kid, has been on life support ever since that fateful day.

Doctors say he was left with brain swelling, which has made it hard for them to see the damages he may have sustained during the beating.

Family friend Benjamin Asbury was surprised this incident happened so close to home. He was even more shocked that Handley would do this to her little boy.

“It’s very surreal,” Asbury told WAVY-TV. “I feel like we are in a nightmare that we aren’t going to wake up from.”

Another friend of the family, Nathan Forrest, also expressed the gut-wrenching grief.

It’s something that “shouldn’t have happened” to little Alexander.

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“They are giving him a 20 percent chance to live,” Forrest said. “One percent chance he will be a functioning child, but there is always hope.”

The family has been praying for a miracle that Alexander would pull through, but in the meantime, they’ve asked people to donate to any Langley Federal Credit Union.

Under the fundraiser, “Joshua Robertson, in care of Levi Robertson,” all donations will help pay the child’s medical bills.

As this precious little boy struggles to survive, let’s all send him a prayer of comfort. Please share his story to spread the word.

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