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Airman Pulls Over To Help Elderly Woman After Seeing Her Struggling To Walk Home with Groceries

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Janice Hall is an independent woman. Despite her age and the fact that she needs to use a walker to get where she’s going, she still gets things done.

She went shopping at Walmart in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on Aug. 7 and prepared herself to walk over 2 miles back in the 100+ degree heat, a dangerous task for anyone, of any age (and it wasn’t even her last errand of the day) — but she didn’t seem bothered by it.

Airman Jibril Jennings happened to drive by as Hall was walking under a freeway overpass, her walker laden down with her purchases. Seeing his opportunity, Jennings pulled over, stopped his car and helped.

He was able to transport Hall and her possessions back to her home in the safety of his car, and the two struck up a conversation.

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“Once I got into the car, she immediately started talking,” Jennings told KWTV-DT. “She reminded me of my grandma, she started telling me about her day.”

When he dropped Hall off, he also noticed that the ramp leading to her house could use some fixing, and promised to be back with some airmen buddies to take care of that for her.

Had it not been for a woman named Amber Roy, who spotted Jibril helping Hall, the world would never have known what he was up to.

“Omg this should go viral!!!!” she posted, along with the footage she captured. “This airman just pulled over to help this elder lady walking with her groceries in 101 degree weather and took her to her destination!!

“Omg my heart is melting!!! There is good people left in this world!!’ God bless you airman!!!”

“The way that people were driving, I didn’t think that anyone was recording,” Jennings told KWTV-DT. “I didn’t even realize that there was anyone around me until someone stopped, parked behind us and put their hazards on while I was helping load stuff into her car.”

His act of kindness would have been every bit as kind if it had gone unannounced, but it’s warmed plenty of hearts since it went viral.

As for Hall, she seems to have enjoyed the interaction with Jennings and seems grateful for the lift but has also made it very clear that she favors the heat and that people shouldn’t worry about her.

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“That man was really a sweet guy, [I] just couldn’t believe it,” said Hall. “Then he come over here and helped carry this stuff in.”

“I can stand the heat, it doesn’t bother me a bit,” she added. “I’d rather have heat than air conditioning any day.”

Still, the open road is dangerous, and Jennings’ immediate and future acts of kindness toward Hall will not soon be forgotten.

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