Truth Behind Alex Jones Banishment Surfaces, All Rooted in Jealousy from Millennial


There’s a hint of snark and undeniable glee in the reporting on some liberal media sites at the most recent assault on a high-profile voice in the media that liberals love to hate.

Alex Jones is the latest commentator to fall from the good graces of social media’s Apple, YouTube, Facebook and Spotify and liberals couldn’t be happier.

The independent talk radio host and conspiracy theorist of Infowars fame is the target of a massive ban prompted by what is considered “hate speech” by the powers that be at those distribution platforms.

While Jones has certainly said some unconventional, unpopular, and ultimately untrue things throughout his 22-year career, it may seem this latest action against him was more or less a premeditated attack from a surprising source — with a possibly surprising motivation.

Enter, Jared Holt. He’s apparently the latest left-wing millennial attempting to make a name for himself by throwing media bombs at the biggest targets available outside the left-wing bubble.

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He advertises himself on his personal blog as a writer, an award-winning photographer and a video and imaging specialist.

He’s a 2015 graduate of the University of Central Arkansas, and has a way of getting around in liberal circles. He’s written for People For the American Way, Right Wing Watch and Media Matters. The guy is a go-getter who isn’t short on opinion.

In a lengthy profile/interview published Wednesday, the liberal website Salon declared Holt to be one of the main members of a group of collaborators in a campaign to pressure social media giants to boot the “disturbingly popular” Infowars from their platforms.

But it turns out, it wasn’t burning hot philosophical and political differences that made Holt want to target Jones and his Infowars operation.

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It seem petty professional jealousy, a juvenile-sounding kind of envy, played a big role, too.

When asked why he homed in on Spotify to attack Jones, he gave this surprising reply:

“I’m not sure it was really a calculated effort. I use Spotify to listen to music while I work. I noticed they had a podcast section, so I was looking through that. When I found Infowars, I was surprised — mostly because of my own experience as someone who has a podcast, aside from my work with Right Wing Watch. I experienced a personal struggle to get Spotify to list my own podcast.

“I guess I was a little bit offended that Alex Jones was able to get on the air and I wasn’t.”

Apparently going for a more high-minded-sounding explanation, Holt also told Salon he sees the work of Jones and other high-profile opponents of the left as something that “debases people from reality and polarizes them to the extremes of right-wing politics.”

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In his opinion, it is “harmful” for the “vision of America as a free and open democracy” to have voices like Jones — unconventional and uncontrolled, if frequently wrong — influence the independent thought of Americans.

Maybe. And mabe it was just “harmful” to Jolt’s youthful feelings that someone he didn’t like had more success than he did.

I wonder if folks in the progressive movement are the least bit bothered that jealousy is a motivator in this instance.

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