Animal Rights Activist Saves 16 Bunnies, Gets Another 95 Killed When 'Rescue' Mission Goes Bad - 'Broken Spines,' Babies Dead


The animal rights movement took another credibility hit last week when a vegan activist known only as “Mythical Mia” raided a Spanish farm to free captive rabbits.

Mia proudly proclaimed that she and her fellow rescuers (read “thieves and trespassers”) managed to save 16 “lucky” rabbits, according to the New York Post.

“We only managed to find a home for 16 beforehand, so had to leave thousands of mothers and babies behind,” Mia wrote.

But those thousands of rabbits aren’t all the activists left behind.

Mia and company rescued 16 rabbits, but that left approximately 90 baby bunnies to be euthanized after their mothers were no longer available to nurse them.

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Additionally, at least 5 bunnies suffered broken spines, while others reportedly underwent forced abortions.

Mia, however, didn’t appear to be overly concerned about the injuries, abortions and dead bunnies.

“What we do to the animals need to end immediately. This injustice has gone on far too long,” she said.

“We will continue to enter in these facilities to expose these horrors and liberate the beings trapped inside for as long as it takes. We are not going anywhere. Join us in our fight, be vegan, be active and let’s put an end to this once and for all,” Mia added.

Do you think animal rights activism often does more harm than good?

The activist also claimed that farmers shot at her group and chased them as they fled the scene — a nasty surprise she should have seen coming a mile away. She posted an image of a bloody face, presumably her own, and indicated it was the result of farmers shooting through a window. Mia seemed surprised that the farmers would defend their property and then try to track down thieves.

This story is emblematic of what inevitably happens when the left tries to make its vision a reality.

Leftists have a vision for how the world should be, but their attempts to bring that world about are invariably more destructive than the conditions they strive to ameliorate.

Lenin wanted to free the Russian people from the Czars and usher in prosperity and equality. What Russia got instead was starvation and gulags.

Chinese communists promised equality, modernity and international power. What the Chinese people got was totalitarianism, torture, starvation and forced abortion.

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Pol Pot gifted Cambodia with brutality, deprivation and mass starvation.

Mythical Mia boasted wonderful intentions — and got some 95 rabbits killed (and who knows how many aborted). She saved only 16 — to become pets. She stole property from productive members of society. No one is better off after her “rescue” mission. Yet she still claims the moral high ground.

Regardless of her own politics, Mia’s story is leftism condensed. What does it teach? It teaches that whether tried on the national level of the USSR or the more humble level of a 16-rabbit rescue, leftism promises life but when realized brings only death.

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