Anti-Trump Writer Changes Tone After Mika Blow-Up: Trump "Was Right"


Author Michael Wolff learned an important lesson last week after “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski kicked him off the MSNBC show’s set Thursday for smearing Secretary of State Nikki Haley.

Just to be clear, Brzezinski made the right decision. Wolff, the author of the spurious anti-Trump book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” had been shamefully unapologetic over his suggestions that Haley had an affair with President Donald Trump.

“Brzezinski asked Wolff to explain why he made this accusation without providing any evidence or facts. Wolff denied that he had accused the former South Carolina governor of anything. Brzezinski then shut down the interview and abruptly went to commercial break,” Business Insider reported.

Fair enough so far — we’ll get into the details of why Brzezinski’s a hypocrite shortly — but check out the tweet Wolff posted immediately after being kicked off the set:

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Wolff, who for the record happens to be a garbage human being, wasn’t wrong about Mika, not to mention everybody else affiliated with “Morning Joe” — including co-host Joe Scarborough and frequent contributor Donny Deutsch.

The fact is that they’re all garbage human beings, as well as hypocrites. Wolff had as of late become a frequent guest on “Morning Joe” because Brzezinski and Scarborough clearly enjoyed listening to him smear the president with his lies.

Here’s just one example from January:

Are they ALL garbage people?

Dovetailing back to what happened Thursday, here’s what Braz had to say to Wolff, as reported by The Daily Wire: “You’re slurring a woman. It’s disgraceful.”

But smearing Trump, a man, is OK? That seems to be what she believes, given that she and her anti-Trump co-host have spent an entire year smearing Trump with every lie conceivable.

Just two months ago the “Dumb and Dumber” duo accused the president of suffering from dementia. On what grounds? On the grounds that he had struggled through the end of a recent speech because of “dry mouth.”

Regarding the insanity seen daily on “Morning Joe,” however, this is just the tip of the iceberg. On Tuesday, Scarborough “bristled” with anger after one of his guests called him out for repeatedly talking over Brzezinski, who isn’t just his co-host but his fiance as well, according to Raw News.

Like I said, everyone affiliated with “Morning Joe” is garbage. And sorry, Mr. Wolff, but that most certainly means you as well.

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