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Why is Antifa Hosting a Summer Camp for Kids? Shocking Curriculum Details Should Scare Every Parent

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The communist thug Vladimir Lenin was said to have a strategy for keeping the Marxist revolution going in perpetuity, even though it caused nothing but oppression and suffering. Lenin’s plan involved indoctrinating the collectivist mindset into those who had little or no life experience: children.

Lenin supposedly said, “Give me four years to teach the children, and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” We are seeing the same dynamic play out in our society now as progressives increasingly target children with their toxic social engineering schemes.

Leftists already try to brainwash kids through the education system and entertainment industries. Now, in Portland, Oregon, Marxist foot soldiers antifa are getting in on the act by tainting a once wholesome summertime tradition. A faction of the undeclared domestic terrorist group is hosting a “social justice” summer camp.

As reported in the Post Millennial, “kids ages 10 to 14 will be participating in activities that include learning about police abolition, how to donate to bail funds and what to do if they come in contact with tear gas during protests.”

The children will also be taught about “white supremacy” and anti-police chants they can use at future protests:

Nancy Pelosi's 'No One Is Above the Law' Post About Trump Spectacularly Blows Up in Her Face

“The whole damn system

Is guilty as hell,

Indict! Convict!

Put those killer cops in Jail,

The whole damn system

Is guilty as hell!”

Of course it would be Portland where such a corrosive event takes place. Portland has been an incubator for leftist street violence for years.

As recent riots demonstrated, Portland continues to allow antifa to attack and destroy at will.

Portland not only tolerates the chaos, they sponsor it.

Budding Roses, the antifa group running the summer camp, claim on their website they received a Spirit of Portland Award and were named the 2018 Nonprofit Initiative of the Year by the city of Portland.

Charlie Kirk Campus Event Violently Attacked After Liberal News Outlet Publishes False 'Lynching' Accusation

Not everywhere in Oregon indulges the Marxist terrorists. When antifa tried to shut down Salem’s Honky Tonk Bar over the weekend, the bikers that frequent the venue drove away the masked marauders.

A video posted to Twitter captured the confrontation.

WARNING: This video contains graphic language that some viewers will find offensive.

Training kids as future guerillas is a new low for the left, but it goes along with other aspects of their agenda for warping the experience of childhood.

Progressive teachers engaged in public meltdowns after Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act clamped down on the ability to groom children with inappropriate sexual content. Some teachers left the profession, casting doubts about what their educational priorities truly were.

Should it be legal to teach children the things in this curriculum?

Girls and young women are having their dreams of athletic achievement smashed by having to compete against creepy men masquerading as women.

Even megacorporation Disney, once revered for family entertainment, has been exposed multiple times for condoning the sexualization of children’s programming and promoting the trans agenda.

Parents are fighting back. The battle began in the schools boards, and it will continue to march back through the institutions which have been compromised.

Antifa doesn’t care about kids having some summertime fun. The goal of the left is to create a whole generation of the kind of damaged people who embrace progressive ideology.

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Richard Bledsoe is an author and internationally exhibiting artist. His writings on culture and politics have been featured in The Masculinist, Instapundit and American Thinker. You can view more of his work at
Richard Bledsoe is an author and internationally exhibiting artist. His writings on culture and politics have been featured in The Masculinist, Instapundit and American Thinker. You can view more of his work at