After Antifa's Violent Weekend in Portland, Out-of-Touch Mayor Posts Relaxing Date-Night Photo


Following a weekend of violence in Portland, Oregon, that featured the radical left-wing group antifa, mayor Ted Wheeler took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the weekend’s events.

“Sundays in Portland,” Wheeler tweeted, adding a photo.

But the mayor’s post was no lament for the protests that ravaged downtown on Saturday afternoon. Nor was it a message of thanks for his city’s police force that tried to keep the violence to a minimum.

Instead, Wheeler depicted a scene from his own weekend activities: a Sunday date night with his wife.

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The tranquil open marketplace of Wheeler’s post was a stark contrast from the disturbing videos posted by journalists just a day earlier, a fact pointed out by a number of people on Twitter.

The Washington Examiner’s Julio Rosas tweeted a video of antifa members attacking a bus.

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In an article following the day’s events, Rosas wrote that antifa “taunted police, with some calling African American officers ‘Uncle Tom’ and shouting, ‘Where’s your cabin?'”

Rosas also posted a series of videos in which antifa surround and threaten him, calling him a “traitor” and saying “if you get hurt, that’s on you.”

WARNING: The following videos contain graphic language.

Reporter Andy Ngo, an editor at Quillette who came to national attention after being brutally attacked by antifa in June, captured another upsetting scene, where a man was maced by antifa and knocked unconscious.

WARNING: The following video also contains graphic language.

According to The Hill, the Portland Police Bureau arrested 13 people in connection to the protests. At least six people were injured during the violent demonstrations and one was transported to the hospital.

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