Arizona Rancher Reveals Real Security Threat with 25 Straight Minutes of Security Footage


Ranchers face a number of threats to their home, their property, their herds and their lifestyle on any given day. Predators, disease, wildfire, drought, poor market prices, and skyrocketing costs are among some of the dangers.

But ask any rancher along the southern border of the United States about threats to their security and one particular answer may come up more than any other. That answer is made abundantly clear in security footage captured recently by one Arizona rancher.

John Chilton owns 50,000 acres of land sitting along the U.S. border with Mexico. But according to The Daily Caller, his property isn’t just a home for his herd. It is now “ground zero for human smugglers, drug cartel members and illegal immigrants.”

Senator Nancy Pelosi famously stated in an interview with Arizona Central that simply “mowing the grass so people can’t be smuggled through the grass” would be a viable border protection option. She has been one of many Democrats fighting funding for a new, bigger and better border wall.

However, Chilton has pointed out that even the simple barbed wire fence there now is no deterrent. And he can prove it.

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Daily Caller News Foundation reporters recently spent time reviewing hours of surveillance footage provided by Chilton and by Arizona Border Recon founder Tim Foley. What they saw in the video was “an unrelenting stream of alleged cartel scouts, drug mules and human smugglers — known as coyotes — using secret trails to work their way into the interior of the state.”

But it gets worse. “Many of the trespassers tote long guns and sport military-style camouflage, posing a threat Chilton knows from firsthand experience.”

An excerpt of the overall footage provides a shocking and informative look at what Americans along the southern border are facing — on what may be a daily basis.

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As can be seen in the twenty-five straight minutes of footage published by The Daily Caller, the foot traffic appears to be fairly heavy and steady. And the trespassers don’t seem to be very concerned about being spotted or caught along their various routes.

Some are seen resting, laughing and joking around with one another. Remember, when they were caught on camera, they were all on U.S. soil, on private property.

While many crossed by foot, there were some seen in the video using horses. Also of note is the fact that many were carrying fairly loaded backpacks.

The overwhelming majority of those seen in the video were very covered up with hats and camouflage gear. Despite this covering, many appeared to be young males, perhaps teens to early twenties in age.

A few spotted in the video could have been young women of a similar age rang. But what were not seen at all were hordes of families or young children.

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Just recently, during his Billings, Montana rally for U.S. Senate candidate Matt Rosendale, President Donald Trump again reiterated the promise that the wall would be built. He also remarked that if it had simply been left to him, he could have it complete in one year’s time.

“Build the wall!” — the refrain that began during Trump’s campaign — continues on to this day. Some believe that the promise to do so — and tackle illegal immigration as a whole — was a winning platform for the businessman.

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