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Army Vet Dad Posts Awesome Family Photo: 'Hey Gillette, Does This Offend You?'

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An Army veteran is challenging Gillette with a family photo after the razor company released an ad against “toxic” masculinity.

Graham Allen, a U.S. Army vet who now hosts Rant Nation on Blaze TV, posted a photo on his Facebook page.

“Practicing our ‘toxic masculinity,'” he wrote, adding an American flag symbol. “Hey Gillette does this offend you?!”

The photo shows Allen standing with a firearm slung over his shoulder. In front of him is his young daughter with her older brothers on either side of her. One of Allen’s sons is holding a handgun while the other is posing with a shotgun.

“I’ll raise my kids the way I believe they should be … thanks for your advice,” Allen wrote under the photo.

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Allen’s post shows one way that people are responding to Gillette’s controversial ad, which has received waves of backlash.

Many criticize the ad for its portrayal of traditional masculinity as a quality which encourages bullying and sexism.

The two-minute short from Gillette, a razor brand owned by Procter & Gamble, shows boys bullying each other and men sexually harassing women.

Do you agree with this dad's response to the ad?

The ad then focuses on the #MeToo movement, pointing to it as the reason that men are now being held accountable for their actions.

Another part of the ad shows hordes of men behind barbecues saying “boys will be boys” as young boys wrestle with each other.

Critics of the ad have condemned its stereotyping of masculinity as something “toxic” that needs to be trained out of men.

The ad has also been widely praised by the left. Many have applauded Gillette for telling men to put behind them old notions of masculinity and embrace the new era.

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However, the strong backlash against it shows that many Americans aren’t on board with the left’s bashing of men.

Allen’s photo shows a perfect example of a dad who isn’t interested in caving to the leftist media’s redefinition of masculinity.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article referred to the firearm held by one of Graham Allen’s sons as a rifle. It appears from the picture to be a shotgun. The Western Journal corrected this article after an observant reader pointed out our error, for which we apologize.

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