Artist Remakes Doll into Marilyn Monroe, But Accidentally Makes Dolly Parton Look-Alike


Some people are insanely creative and find beautiful ways to transform trash into treasure. Perhaps you yourself are handy with paint and a glue gun, or you know someone who is — it’s not everyone’s gift, but it is a gift.

So many people throw away old furniture and common household items, or sell them for steep discounts, just because they’re tired of them or the pieces no longer go with the decor.

A trained eye can see potential in even the most boring objects. With a little time and effort, pretty much any old thing can become beautiful, new, and useful again.

The trend has also taken off with kids’ toys. Plenty of artistically inclined individuals have looked at the modern-day doll offerings, and thought “yuck,” quickly followed by “I bet I could do better than that.”

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There are definitely some stinkers out there, and doll painting isn’t for everyone, but there are also plenty of great examples and videos out there that you can watch to see the dolls transform before your eyes (and pick up tips along the way!).

Some people have decided to give their dolls a more natural aesthetic, opting to remove the heavy makeup and give the toys a more relateable appearance. There are mothers who are adamant that this is the way to go, certain that these dolls help young girls form healthier body images.

Others keep the over-the-top drama, but just make the toys look better or more realistic. This particular video shows a woman giving a doll an entirely new look, one pencil stroke at a time.

The artist, who refers to herself as Maryna on her YouTube channel, “Poppen Atelier,” has an extensive collection of videos chronicling her doll makeovers. She focuses on one-of-a-kind ball-jointed dolls.

“I repaint Monster High, Barbie, Ever After High Dolls and big styling doll heads,” her about page explains. “Next to my very detailed speedpaint drawing tutorials where I show how to draw a realistic face, eyes and lips, I also show how to make doll clothes and accessoires.”

“So, if you love dolls and just crazy about custom [one-of-a-kind ball-jointed dolls] or want to learn how to customize dolls, how to make doll clothes and shoes very easy, I’m sure you will find a lot of new interesting, entertaining and useful information on my channel.

In this particular video, she takes a Monster High doll with minty skin and green lips, and starts by giving it a complete shave.

Next, she gives the doll a more natural, airbrushed skin tone. To give the eyes more dimension, she puts down a layer of yellow before slowly adding layers of blue over the top.

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As you watch her work, you realize just how many colors are in something. No one’s hair is ever just “brown” or “blonde.” Their lips aren’t just red. There are so many colors hiding in the familiar.

When she’s done, the doll has luxurious blonde hair, smokey eyes, and a perfect pout — but the video said the doll was supposed to look like Marilyn Monroe. Many viewers are saying that the only thing about this doll that looks like Monroe is the mole. Others see Dolly Parton instead.

Who do you think this looks like?

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