Austin: Leftists Are Weaponizing the Latest Mass Shooting to Further Their False 'White Supremacist' Narrative


Eight innocent people were murdered by a white man in Atlanta on Tuesday, six of which were Asian women.

As if on cue, left-wing race-hustlers immediately jumped at the chance to blame the incident on “white supremacy.”

These leftists saw the tragic situation as merely another opportunity to disparage America, which they believe to be an irredeemably racist country.

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This is due to the fact that many on the left believe white supremacy to be a powerful, influential force in the American society of today.

These leftists don’t require, or even look for, proof to support this theory, however. Instead, they often immediately cry “racism” whenever a tragedy occurs, often before all of the facts are out.

This most recent case is a perfect example of this, especially considering recent reports indicate the shooter wasn’t even motivated by race.

While authorities have asserted they cannot yet make an official determination of motive, the suspect — Robert Aaron Long, 21 — who confessed to the shooting, cited his sex addiction as his motivation.

Is white supremacy a major problem in modern-day America?

“[Long] does claim that it was not racially motivated,” Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Jay Baker said.

“He apparently has an issue, what he considers a sex addiction, and sees these locations as … a temptation for him that he wanted to eliminate.”

“He was fed up, at the end of his rope. He had a bad day, and this is what he did.”

Nevertheless, leftists continue to insist Long was motivated by “white supremacy” and further claim that the growing prevalence of anti-Asian violence (on Tuesday, NBC reported 3,800 anti-Asian racist incidents occurred in the past year) is also attributable to “white supremacy.”

If anything, there’s more evidence to the contrary.

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According to a 2018 Bureau of Justice Statistics report breaking down the percent of violent incidents by victim and offender according to their race, whites are just as likely to perpetrate violent crime against Asians as Asians themselves — both groups constitute 24.1 percent of violent offenders in these cases.

It is actually black Americans that are most likely to commit violent crimes against Asian Americans — with black perpetrators making up 27.5 percent of all offenders.

These numbers show whites to be comparatively much less likely to perpetrate violent crimes against Asians on average, given that they constitute 76.3 percent of the population and yet hold a comparable number of offenders to Asians and blacks, who make up 5.9 percent and 13.4 percent of the country’s population respectively, according to U.S. census statistics.

Furthermore, political scientist Wilfred Reilly claims to have dug into “more than 50 cases of actual extreme violence against Asians” and found that “more than 80% of the [attacks] so far” have been perpetrated by black men.

Regardless, one point has been made evident — despite the repeated insistence on the part of far-left race hustlers, there is absolutely no evidence that “white supremacy,” or the supposed influences thereof, are driving the recent spike in violence against Asian Americans.

Sure, when the pain of Asians can be used to further the left’s perverse narratives, then they are useful allies.

Absent of such circumstances, the left is fully in favor of racially discriminating against Asian Americans.

This can be seen in the left’s willingness to discriminate against Asians at left-wing universities, where Asians are often required to score higher on entrance exams than any other racial group.

Even more disgustingly, due to their group’s overall economic success in America, some on the left have even gone so far as to no longer classify Asians as “people of color” and claim that Asians “benefit from white privilege.”

And, to the race-conscious left, there is nothing more inherently despicable than white people and “whiteness.”

These are the people — race-hustling radical leftists — that we’re supposed to believe are “anti-racist.”

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