Bar Owner Who Declared June 'Heterosexual Awesomeness Month' Details Incredible Response: 'Boy, Oh Boy'


Conservatives want to support businesses that stand behind what they believe in.

Unfortunately for us, the vast majority of companies are more interested in pushing out products strewn with LGBT pandering at a rate that can make our heads spin.

But while there is a concerning amount of companies stuck in a leftist chokehold, there exist some who don’t fear being canceled by the mob and wish to operate in a way that right-leaning Americans can support.

The Old State Saloon, a bar in Eagle, Idaho, previously made headlines when they stood up against “pride month” by announcing June would be considered “Heterosexual Awareness Month,” a move which prompted immediate outrage from leftists.

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Countless people flocked to the Facebook post where the announcement was made to spew hate toward the bar owner, enough that they had to make a follow-up post warning that anyone who cannot comment without “horrific words, expletives, using the name of the Lord in vain” would be banned.

Additionally, writer Michael Deeds for the Idaho Statesman wrote a scathing column about the bar, claiming it is “the town’s extremist watering hole.”

Despite the pushback that leftists gave, the promotion has been a resounding success.

The owner, Mark Fitzpatrick, told Fox News that there had been a massive outpouring of support from the community.

Do you support this bar owner?

“We’ve had a whole bunch of people come in, in person into our saloon,” he said. “We’ve had people driving way out of their way.”

“We had a couple come in, they drove 400 miles out of their way on their trip across the country yesterday,” he continued. “Other people have said they’re going to fly in from out of state. Other people said next time they’re in the state, they’re going to stop by and support us.”

The bar saw its biggest Monday sales in history this past week, seemingly because of the promotion.

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It’s also begun to offer Heterosexual Awesomeness merchandise for bargoers to purchase.

“I think, from what I’m experiencing with people’s response, is that the country is ready to kind of stand up and say, ‘Hey, what about this? And this is a good thing to celebrate, and let’s do that,’” he stated.

Fitzpatrick said that the promotion originally came to him as he was “thinking of a way” that his business “could celebrate the other side of sexuality.”

“So we decided to do Heterosexual Awesomeness Month and then launched it and boy, oh boy, did it take off.”

“I’m not just going to sit there and do nothing anymore. I’m going to be involved. I’m going to be out there. I’m going to be rallying people to help do the right thing, celebrate godly things. And I think the rest of the country should do that.”

The Old State Saloon deserves all the success it’s receiving. The business is being rightly rewarded for taking a stance that perhaps other Christian or conservative business owners may be scared to take.

It also strongly proves that there is a solid market for openly right-leaning companies, something the leftists have made major efforts to discourage.

Consumers will naturally want to support businesses that align with their beliefs and avoid ones that go against them.

Other companies should not be afraid to take that step. Conservatives will support anyone willing to stand up against the madness, just as they did with the Old State Saloon.

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