Baseball Player Drops Bat, Heads to First Base. Jake the Diamond Dog Cleans Up His Mess


Jake the Diamond Dog is not your ordinary golden retriever. This crowd-pleasing pup is a staple at minor league baseball games, and his performances will leave you in awe.

A tradition that started back in 1990, the current Jake the Diamond Dog is the fourth dog trained to entertain at the games.

Jericho, the dog that started it all, was working with his owner and trainer Jeff Marchal at a drive-thru farm store. The trained dog would bring customer’s money to the store, then return to their cars to deliver the items they’d ordered.

When minor league promotions expert Mike Veeck saw Jericho’s talent, he immediately knew the dog could go on to do big things. He hired the pup to bring water to umpires at a baseball field in Fort Meyers, Florida.

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Jake the Diamond Dog was an instant hit with crowds at the games, and after Jericho’s passing, they knew they needed to carry on the tradition.

“It’s kind of like Lassie. You have Jake the Diamond Dog — you just have to carry that over,” Marchal said.

Known as “the best darn dog in professional baseball,” the latest Jake the Diamond Dog, whose real name is Deuce, has been entertaining crowds since 2009. The dog does not belong to one team, but instead travels from game to game providing assistance and entertainment.

In addition to bringing a basket filled with water to umpires, Jake delivers the game ball to the pitcher, sits by him during the National Anthem, and brings a bouquet of flowers to that day’s “Ballpark Sweetheart.”

Jake also serves as a bat-dog, plays fetch and frisbee with the crowd, and shags foul balls. For his most dedicated fans, this celebrity pup even has meet-and-greets following games he attends.

“Oh my goodness, I enjoy it so much when I get to be out on the road with him,” Jake’s agent Jon Perry said. “The thing I like the most is the meet-and-greet. They treat him like a movie star.”

While he’s waiting on the sidelines, Jake relaxes inside of an inflatable dog house on the first baseline to keep him safe from any rogue baseballs.

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“The dog does a great job and we share a lot of stories with the fans,” Marchal added. “His tail’s always wagging. I think he enjoys it a whole lot.”

Jake the Diamond Dog has his own Facebook page, and has quickly become a social media sensation.

Between his on-field antics and his love for his owner and meeting new people, one thing is for sure: Jake the Diamond Dog is a very, very good boy.

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