Ben Shapiro Makes Massive Career Announcement -- Will Be Getting Much More Famous


Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro has earned himself millions of right-leaning fans … and countless enemies.

Now, whether you love him or hate him, Shapiro is going to be even more of a well-known name: He has just announced a deal to bring his popular podcast to some of the biggest talk radio stations in America.

On Thursday, The Daily Wire confirmed that “The Ben Shapiro Show” will enter syndication in many parts of the country — with major metro areas leading the way.

“Those markets will include, iconic WABC/New York City, as well as KABC/Los Angeles, WLS/ Chicago, WMAL/Washington, D.C.; WYAY/Atlanta, KKTH/Seattle, and KKAT/Salt Lake City,” explained The Daily Wire, where Shapiro is the editor in chief.

“The Ben Shapiro Show podcast has 15 million downloads each month; the radio show will premiere on Monday, April 2,” the outlet continued.

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In today’s digital world, online streaming through YouTube and audio podcasts has become commonplace and is arguably the “new talk radio.”

It’s fairly common for well-established talk radio hosts such as Rush Limbaugh to offer previously radio-only commentary through online sources, but Shapiro may be one of the first to make the jump in reverse.

“The Daily Wire and Westwood One are doing something unprecedented: we’re launching the first podcast-to-talk radio transition ever,” Shapiro explained.

“And we’re doing it in 5 of the top 10 DMA markets in the country, which is amazing in and of itself — no show launches with this constellation of stations. We already have an enormous digital audience, and we can’t wait to extend that audience to more traditional platforms,” he continued.

Are you a fan of Ben Shapiro?

The president of Westwood One, an audio syndication network, echoed the conservative pundit’s sentiments.

“Ben’s wildly successful podcast delivers a fresh voice to a new generation of millennial conservatives and we are excited to take this provocative narrative to syndicated radio,” Suzanne Grimes stated.

“As America’s largest audio network, we are putting our full weight behind the show to connect Ben with millions of new listeners across podcast, radio, and streaming platforms,” she said.

That means more Shapiro, more often, in more places. It’s the perfect arrangement for the predominantly young conservative audience which is drawn to the commentator’s calm logic and “just the facts” style … but the move will no doubt drive liberals up the wall.

“Shapiro has railed against what he sees as a liberal college culture, and his frequent speaking engagements on campuses often spark outrage and protest among students who object to his views,” Politico Magazine pointed out.

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“He has said, for instance, that those who are transgender have a mental illness, and he has bemoaned an alleged narrative of ‘black victimhood,'” Politico continued.

There’s no question that Ben Shapiro is almost everything the left hates, but he’s also managed to pick up some right-leaning opponents. He has been standoffish on the Trump presidency, and was an early critic of the president for not appearing conservative enough.

Shapiro left well-known conservative news source Breitbart in 2016 “after accusing it of not adequately supporting a reporter who made assault allegations against then-Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski,” Politico summarized.

He may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s no denying that Shapiro is a strong dose of reason at a time when emotions and even hysteria tend to dominate the news. If his past success is any indication, Ben’s move to radio is just the next step up the ladder of continued success.

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