Bill Maher Just Defended Trump Fans and Crushed the Mainstream Media's Fake News Machine


We’ve fallen into a strange alternate reality when Bill Maher is the voice of reason. Say what you will about the often smug host of the “Real Time” talk show, but Maher does at least try to dish his vitriol out to both sides, conservatives and liberals alike. Call it equal opportunity outrage.

In a scathing rant on Friday, Bill Maher directed his ire toward one specific target: the mainstream media.

The talk show host called out the media for spreading non-stories instead of taking journalism seriously, and admitted that he understood why so many Trump supporters and conservatives in general have turned their backs on traditional media.

WARNING: The following clip contains profane language that some viewers may find offensive.

Pick up at 3:23 if you want to get straight to the point.

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“I used to think something was news if a journalist reported it. But really I live in a world where it’s ‘news’ if Mariah Carey’s (breast) flops out, because Twitter will respond and then a ‘journalist’ reports on the ‘controversy,'” Maher pointed out bluntly.

Moving from the media’s obsession with the crass to their focus on the completely irrelevant, the “Real Time” host used another example from the entertainment world.

“Here’s an example from this week,” he continued. “Here’s the headline from Elle Online and a hundred other sites. ‘Jennifer Lawrence’s latest “Red Sparrow” photo call has Twitter calling out gender inequality.'”

An on-screen graphic showed the picture Maher was referring to: a group of actors wearing pea coats, while the liberal actress Lawrence opted for a more revealing top with scant insulation. Que horror!

“Yes, see, because the men are wearing coats but she’s not,” Maher explained about the faux controversy. “And even though that was her choice, someone with 11 followers didn’t like it so the ‘story’ was reported in The New York Times, The Washington Post, New York Post …”

Maher then seemed to defend conservatives who have flocked to news sources outside of the mainstream, and often believe that big-name sources like CNN and MSNBC are only peddling “fake news.”

“Wonder why fake news resonates so much with Trump fans – because so much of it is fake. Just nonsense made to keep you perpetually offended with an endless stream of ‘controversies’ that aren’t controversial,” he declared.

Do you trust any major network anymore?

Here are three words that hurt to type: Maher’s not wrong.

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The left-leaning media — and increasingly, they don’t even pretend to be anything but leftists — constantly manufactures narratives from within their isolated echo chamber, and then acts as if these pseudo-stories are bombshell revelations.

Meanwhile, they ignore truly hard-hitting stories, or pay them lip service before sweeping them under the rug. Each time, they move further and further away from the values and interests of heartland America, all while calling normal citizens the extremists.

Take the recent “s—hole” controversy as a prime example. President Trump may or may not have called third-world nations “s—holes,” a term that might be rough but is absolutely accurate. Almost every red-blooded American has used much rougher language than this, especially when behind closed doors, which Trump was.

Despite the fact that the president used a fitting word to describe places where human waste floods streets and basic sanitation is a daily concern, media outlets like CNN lost their minds. They went hysterical, devoting hours and days to hand-wringing and teeth-gnashing over Trump’s phrase.

Manufactured outrage, meant not to inform but only to keep people endlessly offended. Maher hit the nail on the head.

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