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Bill Maher Goes Off the Rails, Claims Democracy Will End on Election Day

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Talk show host and “HBO star” Bill Maher reminded the world again this week that he’s as intellectually dishonest as he is hypocritical.

The atheist “comedian” went on a deranged rant this week dooming the midterm election results in the face of an undeniable “red wave” of conservative candidates and “election deniers” gaining traction in the polls.

If a “red-wave” did truly hit the ballot boxes this week, the country would likely see Republicans control the House and Senate to Maher’s lament.

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Maher began his pretentious rant by stating, “Yes, you should vote, and it should be for the one party that still stands for democracy preservation,” strongly implying the Democratic Party.

This coming from someone who supports the party that spent four years pushing Russian collusion conspiracies against the election of former President Donald Trump despite their invalidity proven by the inquisition that was the Mueller Report.

This is also the party that fights tooth and nail against any kind of voter ID requirement in elections, claims mail-in ballots without serial numbers or signature verifications are undisputable and who have repeatedly tried to stack the Supreme Court.

Maher applauded the “masterful” job of those involved with the pitiful comedy that was the Jan. 6 hearing.

Do you think Bill Maher sounds totally insane at times?

Maher then said that the percentage of Americans that believe Trump did nothing wrong went up 3 percent following the laughable attempt at demonizing the former president.

Maher corners himself intellectually yet again when he had the audacity to quote Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin.

Franklin is quoted as having said we were founded as a Republic “but only if you can keep it.”

Maher then stated that democracy is what is at risk on the ballot this week which was also covered by Fox News.

Maher clearly supports mob rule under a democracy rather than the representative system of a Constitutional Republic we were founded on.

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This is why dyed-in-the-wool liberals and democrats like Maher also support the abolition of the Electoral College.

They understand that a pure democracy would effectively neuter the representative power of States with smaller populations and give power to major Democratic population centers like Los Angeles, Miami, New York, etc.

Maher then ranted about what Republicans will do once they gain control of Congress which also seemed a bit familiar.

Maher said, “They’ll begin impeaching Biden and never stop,” much like Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic party attempted with Trump; one such attempt being when he wasn’t even a sitting president.

No unhinged liberal rant would be complete without a vague and unsupported comparison of conservatives or (election deniers) to Hitler-supporting Nazis.

Maher said, “When the election deniers are elected which is often how countries slide into authoritarianism…Hitler was elected. So was Mussolini, Putin, Erdoğan, Viktor Orban. This is the ‘it can’t happen to us’ moment that’s happening to us right now.”

What Maher fails to recognize as true preambles for authoritarianism are schemes like gun registration and confiscation which history’s worse dictators like Hitler, Stalin and Mao all implemented and which the Democrats never stop pushing for.

But Maher (or his handlers) are convinced that people who question the validity of undocumented mail-in ballots are who embody the true threat to the rule of law.

While the pretentious and arrogant rant is difficult to watch with a straight face, it is at the very least entertaining to see self-important talking heads like Maher go completely feral in the face of a potential Republican sweep this week.

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