Business Woman Takes Video of "Black Mamba" Zombies Invading British Streets


It’s no secret that recreational drugs are probably not the best for your health, but some of them are absolutely horrific. That’s what a woman in the United Kingdom found out after encountering what’s called “Black Mamba” on the streets… and the result is something straight out of a zombie movie.

According to the Derby Telegraph, a woman who works at a shop in the town of Derby encountered four people under the influence of a synthetic marijuana variety that is becoming popular in some parts of the world.

“The horrified woman, who wishes to remain anonymous for safety reasons, recorded shocking footage of four people in ‘zombie-like’ states in St Peter’s Street on Monday,” the newspaper reported.

“She believes the men had taken Black Mamba – a synthetic form of cannabis – and compared the city to horror television series, The Walking Dead,” the paper continued.

Her video shows a group of men positioned awkwardly on the street, completely oblivious to the world around them.

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“I work in a shop and I always see people dealing drugs and taking drugs in broad daylight. They don’t even try to hide it because there’s not a police officer in sight,” the unnamed woman explained.

“On Monday, one customer came into the shop with her child and someone was smoking black mamba just outside and blew smoke in her face as she walking in. I had to apologize but it’s becoming a regular occurrence – it’s ridiculous,” she elaborated.

The shop worker noted that the most frightening element of the drug’s effects was when the high began to wear off, and users were forced to face reality again.

“The most worrying thing is that when they come down (from the drug) they are dangerous. I’ve been attacked three times in the city centre,” she told the paper.

Will "Black Mamba" become popular in the United States next?

Black Mamba is also known as “Spice,” and was developed partially as an accident during a broader chemical study.

“The synthetic drug, which is devastating British cities, was stumbled upon when the scientist was researching the impact of cannabis on the human brain. In Birmingham, it is better known as Black Mamba,” explained The Birmingham Mail. 

“Like ecstasy or LSD, synthetic cannabinoids mark the latest example of a substance hatched in medical research that metamorphosed into a rampant street drug,” that newspaper reported.

One of the researchers involved in the development of synthetic cannabis has been cautioning people about its potential dangers.

Marijuana has been around for hundreds of years, its effects are well known and you cannot kill yourself with it,” said John Huffman, who was involved in drug research during the 1990s.

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“You can kill yourself with the synthetics,” he warned.

And you can turn yourself into the apocalyptic undead, if the disturbing video of “human zombies” is any indication. It is likely only a matter of time before the fad of synthetic cannabis catches on in America… and scenes like these will sadly not be uncommon.

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