Black Pro-Life Speaker Conceived by Rape Attacked at Christian College for Making 'Students of Color' Feel Unsafe


It wasn’t that long ago that colleges were places of intellectual challenge and debate. Sharp students attended universities to be exposed to new ideas and diverse topics, all intended to produce well-rounded graduates who could think for themselves.

Not anymore. If there was any doubt that liberalism has ironically destroyed liberal arts universities, an incident at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL should clear it up.

That’s where a black activist named Ryan Bomberger was recently invited to speak. His speech, which is available online, was critical of both the Black Lives Matter movement and Planned Parenthood, which is well known for promoting abortions to the black community.

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That message is particularly personal for the black speaker, considering that he was conceived by rape and many abortion advocates encourage policies that mean he would never have been born. Bomberger pointed out that Black Lives Matter isn’t really living up to their name if they continue to partner with pro-abortion groups.

Agree or disagree with Bomberger, he did exactly what colleges are supposed to: challenge students to think outside their boxes and consider different viewpoints.

Instead, the student body at Wheaton College slipped into hysteria. An email from the college’s Student Activities Office was sent out to every single student about a week after the event, slamming the speaker and making borderline libelous accusations against him.

Was Ryan Bomberger right to push back against this college?

“The speaker of this event, Ryan Bomberger, made several comments at the event that deeply troubled members of our community,” the mass email declared.

“His comments, surrounding the topic of race, made many students, staff, and faculty of color feel unheard, underrepresented, and unsafe on our campus,” it continued.

Yes, this is the state of higher education in 2018. If an invited speaker dares question the liberal status quo or speak out against the abortion of millions of unborn black lives, he is suddenly “unsafe” and dangerous.

But Bomberger didn’t run with his tail between his legs. Instead, he pushed back brilliantly.

“I am a person of color, a clarifying fact which you conveniently left out of your letter of denouncement,” he wrote in a scathing response.

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“I was primarily presenting a perspective of those who are never heard, always underrepresented, and are actually unsafe — the unborn,” Bomberger continued.

He also directly addressed the claim that his views had somehow threatened students or that mere words had made them “unsafe.”

“For anyone—student, faculty, or staff— to claim that they were ‘unheard’ or ‘underrepresented’ obviously didn’t stay for the 25 minutes of Q&A that followed or the additional 30 minutes that I stayed and responded to more thoughtful questions as well as some baseless (and even hostile) accusations,” the speaker responded.

“For anyone to claim they felt ‘unsafe’ by anything that I said is unfortunate and simply hyperbole. Are students at Wheaton taught to fear or taught to think?” he wondered.

The pearl-clutching from Wheaton students is even more bizarre considering that it’s supposedly a Christian college. The school’s own “Community Covenant” or statement of beliefs confirms that it is officially pro-life.

“Uphold the God-given worth of human beings, from conception to death, as the unique image-bearers of God,” Wheaton’s own covenant states. Just don’t dare be a black man who is anti-abortion, apparently.

“Your campus-wide email defies your school’s mission and teeters on the edge of slander and libel, which the Radiance Foundation never takes lightly,” Bomberger responded, rightly frustrated that he had been labeled dangerous for holding conservative views.

When even a supposedly Christian college has a nervous meltdown after being presented with common pro-life views shared by half of America, something is wrong.

Universities are no longer places to be intellectually challenged. Instead, they’ve become places to be reassured and coddled.

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