BLM's 'Mostly Peaceful' Riots Cost 1000x More in Damage Than Jan. 6 Capitol Unrest


We’re well aware of the “mostly peaceful” Black Lives Matter riots that took 140 major American cities by storm last year, sparking the establishment media’s outrage against police brutality and racial injustice, and begging that all Americans stand in solidarity with the movement.

We’re also well aware of the Capitol incursion of Jan. 6, which spawned calls for a 9/11 style commission, framing and silencing former President Donald Trump — and other top conservatives — for allegedly promoting violence.

The establishment media’s refusal to cover the incursion into the Capitol and the BLM riots fairly speaks volumes about where their interests lie, but perhaps the difference in the damage these events caused is the most astonishing part.

On Thursday, The Washington Post reported that the Capitol suffered approximately $1.5 million in damage from the Jan 6. incursion.

“Your client acknowledges that the riot that occurred on January 6, 2021, caused as of May 17, 2021, approximately $1,495,326.55 damage to the United States Capitol,” said a plea agreement signed by defendant Paul Hodgkins, a citizen who took selfies in the Capitol on Jan. 6, and his attorney.

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Hodgkins agreed to pay $2,000 in restitution to the Treasury Department, but prosecutors and defense lawyers said other defendants are also being asked to foot portions of the bill in plea offers, according to The Post.

But, as discussions about the damage incurred at the Capitol ensue, the $1.5 million stands in stark contrast to the estimated over $1 billion costs caused by damage from BLM rioters, as Axios reported in September 2020.

Where’s the call for a 9/11 style commission for these “peaceful protests”?

Damage from last year’s riots cost over a thousand times more than the single-day event from January, but should we expect any calls for a commission to investigate this mass destruction?

Should Congress launch an investigation into BLM's riots?

Probably not, but it’s safe to assume that any issue affecting elected officials directly — such as the Jan. 6 uprising — is more likely to receive attention in Congress.

Somehow, the left equated calls for investigations into the 2020 election with the violence spawned at the Capitol, but their own calls for action against police brutality were not equated with last year’s riots or with a rise in violence against law enforcement.

Some even condoned last year’s violence, claiming it was a legitimate response to injustice.

However, we have to consider the damage at hand and who incurred this damage.

BLM’s riots devastated small businesses, victimized innocent bystanders and sparked an intense incline in violence against police.

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Though the Jan. 6 uprising is inexcusable, the left appears determined to emphasize the damage incurred at the Capitol while neglecting the violence that plagued American streets for months last year.

The difference not only speaks volumes about our elected officials’ priorities, but also the priorities of the leftist media — which strives to play down BLM’s acts of violence.

From the price tags placed on last year’s riots and the Jan 6. uprising, we can conclude one thing: Violence is expensive and is rarely the solution to a problem.

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