GOP Border Security Negotiator Says Another Shutdown Isn't Happening: 'Nil' or 'Next to Nil'


Tennessee Republican Rep. Chuck Fleischmann told “Fox & Friends” on Friday that the possibility of a second government shutdown was “nil or next to nil.”

Fleishman is a member of the bipartisan committee responsible for hashing out a government funding deal that is agreeable to both sides when it comes to border security.

“In this situation, there is no appetite on either side of the aisle and I think in either chamber for another partial government shutdown,” Fleischmann told host Steve Doocy. “When 24 percent of the government got shut down, it was a problem that should have never happened. If the Republican bill would have gotten passed in December, we would not have had that.”

“Our situation is going to be, we want to keep the border safe, we want to build the wall, and we want to keep the government open,” he added.

Lawmakers have until Feb. 15 to come to an agreement on a funding bill before the three weeks of funding put in place on Jan. 25 runs out.

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When asked if the debate had come down to “beds and the barrier” by Doocy, Fleischmann agreed that the negotiations are now largely over the border wall and detention center accommodations.

“From the inception those who were the two big issues. I was very disappointed by the original Democratic proposal which had a rather drastic reduction in ICE beds and that was going to be a non-starter,” Fleischmann said.

“So yes, we need more ICE beds, we need more money for the new barrier, for the new wall and that’s where the negotiation I think is, I think that’s where it’s going and I think that’s where the deal is going to be made.”

Fleischmann also assured the host that any proposal that made it out of committee would include funding for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Do you think the committee will avoid a second shutdown?

“Any talk about getting rid or defunding ICE is just political rhetoric, it’s empty,” he said. “The vast majority of Democrats support ICE and the Republicans support ICE. ICE is going to increase and do well.”

Fleischmann gave the same response when asked by Bloomberg about the committee’s progress and the possibility of another shutdown.

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“I think all of us in the room … are working toward a grand compromise, a deal that is something that is palatable to the committee,” Fleischmann said.

“This is not going to be a deal that everybody gets what they want, but I think that we’re going to see wall funding … I think we’re going to see a deal made … the government kept open, so I’m very pleased.”

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