Boy Hides To Surprise Baby Brother, But Air Force Big Brother Is Waiting on Other Side


It’s been said that a sibling is the only enemy you can’t live without.

You can probably recall more than one occasion when you wished your siblings would magically disappear, just like Kevin McCallister in “Home Alone.”

And when you’re the middle child, sibling rivalry takes on a different dynamic. Just ask Jan Brady or Edith Crawley how it felt living the tension-filled life between oldest and youngest child.

After an entire childhood of loving to hate each other, eventually, the oldest sibling moves away.

That familiar feeling of annoyance is suddenly replaced with a new, confusing feeling — wait, is this sadness?

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The middle child in this military family likely knew what it felt like to have an older brother move away. Big brother joined the Air Force, which meant lots of time away from home.

Middle brother was left to take charge of his younger brother, which probably meant regular attempts to scare little brother by hiding behind doors on a daily basis.

But on this day, the joke was (again) on the middle child. Sorry, kid.

While some members of the family were prepared for big brother’s military homecoming, nobody told the middle kid his airman brother would be walking through the front door.

Instead, the middle brother thought he had the upper hand, by hiding behind the front door to scare his little brother.

As the door opened, little brother walked through, followed by a much larger, stronger, uniformed airman.

The unsuspecting middle brother leaped out from behind the door, fully expecting to startle baby brother.

But the joke was on him, as middle brother did a double-take that left him both startled and leaping.

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When middle brother saw his big brother, he instantly ran into his arms and was swallowed up in a hug. The two stood in a long, overdue embrace, while tears began to flow (yours and mine included).

The heartfelt embrace symbolized the sibling relationship for so many people — our siblings may drive us crazy, but deep down, we are crazy about one another.

Thank you to this airman and his family for serving our country so well.

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