Little Boy Proudly Shows Off Ability To Walk with Crutches to Dog in Heartwarming Video

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At just two years old, Roman Dinkel is probably the most inspiring toddler you’ll see all week.

He was born with Spina Bifida, yet attacks life with an infectious enthusiasm that is inspiring hearts around the world.

Roman’s parents, Whitney and Adam Dinkel, found out their son had a birth defect at their 20-week ultrasound.

While 64 percent of prenatally diagnosed babies with Spina Bifida are terminated, Roman’s parents never considered ending their child’s life.

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Roman’s life is a gift, a beautiful story that his parents document on a Facebook page dedicated to their son: Defying Odds: Roman’s Journey.

Adam Dinkel shares information about Spina Bifida, heartfelt stories and updates about Roman’s progress, and adorable videos of his tot’s milestones.

Recently, Roman has learned to walk using a pair of forearm crutches, dubbed as his “sticks.”

The adorably small sticks are just the right size for Roman’s height, and it wasn’t long before a few wobbly steps in the living room turned into a walk outside.

Roman’s father posted a video of Roman bursting with pride over his newfound ability. Roman couldn’t help but share his joy with the family dog, Maggie.

“Look, Maggie, I walking Maggie!” Roman gushed as he walked down a carpeted hallway.

It was a moment to be celebrated and cherished, and nearly 14 million people think so, too. Roman has legions of new cheerleaders, thanks to this adorable clip.

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His parents are thrilled with Roman’s progress, sharing a little more about how the new crutches have helped their son gain a little more independence.

“I promise I’m going to stop talking about this soon, but this kid keeps blowing my mind,” Roman’s parents wrote.

“I decided to take him outside to test out his sticks in the grass.”

“Not only did he walk all over the yard but then he walked across the street and down the road and turned around and came all the way back. Without any help from me!”

Roman has been defying the odds since he was in the womb. And by the looks of things, this tenacious little boy isn’t going to quit anytime soon.

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