Buttigieg's 'Husband' Posts Snarky Remark About Bud Light Boycott, But It Totally Blows Up in His Face


Chasten Buttigieg, the partner of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, was obliterated on Twitter this week after he tried to dunk on conservatives who are done with Bud Light after the company partnered with a transgender activist.

Bud Light poured out years of rapport with rational, hard-working and blue-collar Americans earlier this month when it printed the face of a man named Dylan Mulvaney on cans of its beer.

The company did so to help Mulvaney celebrate a full rotation around the sun in all of his “womanhood.”

The move was a slap in the face to all people who wish to not have the fabric of the country ripped apart and to actual women — many of whom are, or were, Bud Light drinkers.

Everything touched by the virus that is “wokeness” crumples into dust, which is what we’re seeing happen with Anheuser-Busch’s flagship low-calorie beer.

Man Who Shot Reagan Speaks Out After Assassination Attempt Against Trump: 'Not the Way to Go'

Sales are reportedly down as people realize another iconic American brand now supports the undoing of everything they love.

Chasten got involved over the weekend and decided he would comment on the matter.

“If you’re upset about a beer company supporting civil rights, you might want to start bottling your tears,” he wrote on Twitter. “LGBTQ people drink water, too. Gonna boycott that next?”

Apparently, the civil rights battle of our time involves bad corporate marketing and a man wearing lipstick.

In any event, Twitter had a field day with Chasten’s snarky but ultimately awful take on the controversy:

Man Who Shot Reagan Speaks Out After Assassination Attempt Against Trump: 'Not the Way to Go'

Of course, Buttigieg did not mention that conservatives are not demanding Bud Light be canceled. Americans with traditional values are not phoning TV stations and making threats over the company’s ads.

Not one rational person has demanded Bud Light be removed from store shelves — which can’t be said for products that have recently offended the left.

Are you done with Bud Light?

Land O Lakes butter no longer represents Native Americans, nor does the NFL franchise in Washington.

We can’t forget black Americans are also no longer represented on brands of pancake mix and rice, which accomplished nothing other than to elevate the white guy on the Quaker Oats boxes in furtherance of diversity.

Americans who are upset with Bud Light have simply chosen to not buy a product sold by a company with values that are not aligned with their own.

Not one person’s civil rights have been violated, and Chasten’s total failure to understand the issue is confounding.

It’s almost as if he’s been drinking water from near the site of one of Pete’s recent train derailments.

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