After Calif. Lets Illegals Run Rampant, Uber Driver Charged With Brutal Rape of 4 Women


California’s experiment with lax border enforcement and sanctuary state status is having predictably horrendous results… and now four women will never be the same.

An illegal immigrant from Mexico who worked as an Uber driver in California has just been charged with the rape, assault and robbery of four victims.

“Alfonso Alarcon-Nunez drove women to their homes, assaulted them, and stole property including cellphones, computers and jewelry, officials said. He collected his fare payments through the smartphone app Venmo to disguise his identity and his Uber records,” The Associated Press reported.

San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow told a news conference that authorities used DNA evidence to link Alarcon-Nunez to the crimes, according to the AP.

The Mexican national is accused of brutalizing at least four young ladies — all between the ages of 19 and 22 — but even more women may have been hurt by the illegal alien.

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“Detectives are looking for potential witnesses and trying to determine if there are additional victims in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties northwest of Los Angeles, where the Alarcon-Nunez had been driving for Uber since September,” the AP reported.

Uber has identification and residency requirements for its drivers, but it appears that Alarcon-Nunez was able to get around them by using California’s pro-illegal immigration laws.

The Mexican citizen was reportedly given a California driver’s license even though he was in the country illegally, and his alien status did not prevent him from being approved as a driver.

Incredibly, Alarcon-Nunez has come into the U.S. at least twice with no legal repercussions. He was deported over a decade ago, the AP reported, but again re-entered the country.

Do you think llax immigration enforcement is leading to more crime?

“Alarcon-Nunez returned to the U.S. illegally after a voluntary deportation from New Mexico in 2005, officials said. Dow did not have details about why he was deported or whether he has a criminal record in the U.S.,” stated the AP.

In the run-up to the presidential election, Donald Trump was attacked by liberals for pointing out that Mexican criminals and rapists take advantage of “sanctuary” laws and a porous border.

Once again, Trump has been proven right. There are certainly many honest immigrants who simply want to succeed in America — but there are also vile scumbags who have no place in the United States. Separating the good from the bad is exactly why immigration and border laws are so important.

It’s hard to see California’s sanctuary state gamble as anything other than a total disaster. The once-proud Golden State now has the highest poverty rate in all of the U.S., and shocking crimes committed by illegal aliens continue to make headlines.

This cannot be the “new normal.” Every country has a sovereign right to determine which and how many immigrants are allowed in. This is true whether the country is New Zealand, Mexico, or the United States.

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It isn’t “racist” to lock your front door and verify who is knocking before you let them in, and it isn’t “hateful” to have basic requirements for the millions of immigrants who want to pour across America’s border.

It’s time to face reality: Evil people exist, and refusing the enforce the law allows them to hurt the innocent.

Four young women have had their lives shattered because the left wants to play political games, and they will sadly not be the last.

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