Camera Captures Moment Bison Learns His Hooves Weren't Made for Ice


The American bison is one of the most amazing animals on the planet, and it’s quite a site to see one in person.

It’s also quite a site to see some of these big animals adorably and miserably fail at crossing a lake at Nachusa Grasslands nature preserve in Franklin Grove, Illinois.

An incredible clip shared by ViralHog on YouTube earlier this month has gotten thousands of views, and they are well deserved.

The quick six-second clip shows a pair of bison running over a segment of a frozen-over lake to join the rest of their herd.

For one bison, the run goes without incident. For the other, well, not so much.

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The massive animal takes a tumble and a slide across the ice on its tail end and then it slides for a good 20-feet before recovering its balance, if not its dignity.

Take a look at the video below:

The poor animal looks like a dog at full tilt trying to turn on a hardwood floor!

Have you ever seen a bison in person?

Fortunately, the big guy gets up, seemingly no worse for wear.

“Went to see the American Bison at Nachusa Grasslands nature preserve (a part of the Nature Conservancy),” the unidentified videographer reported via ViralHog.

“The bison spooked as I approached the fence, one of them ran across a section of frozen pond and wiped out. He got right back up and kept going though.”

Bison — despite their occasional inability to gracefully traverse ice — have made an amazing comeback since their near-extinction more than 100 years ago.

Instead of being endangered, the American bison is now listed as a “near-threatened” species, a huge win for everyone backing God’s good earth and sustainable harvesting.

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With luck and hard work, we’ll be able to watch videos like the one above for years to come.

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