Cameras Catch Biden Pulling Out Card When Signing Queen Elizabeth's Condolence Book - Was He Copying It?


President Joe Biden visited the British Embassy in Washington on Thursday to pay his respects and condolences upon the death of England’s Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning British monarch in history.

This was an expected and routine gesture on the part of the leader of a nation that shares such a warm friendship with the late queen’s realm, but what was perhaps not expected — or, at least, what we would hope we should not expect from the American head of state — was how difficult the routine appeared to be for the president.

While signing a condolence book during the visit, Biden appeared to add his own message of kind wishes from a typed-out notecard rather than simply scrawling down his own earnest thoughts.

At one point in the video, the camera zoomed in, offering a clear view of the card:

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And “scrawling” is the right word — a photo of the message the American president offered to the people of the United Kingdom to honor the passing of their beloved queen was virtually indecipherable, copied and all.

As a homeschool mom, I would make my child rewrite copy work that had been done this poorly:

This comes just months after cameras caught a close-up of a notecard Biden had been given to direct him where to go, what to do and what to say during a White House event, written so simplistically one can only imagine the author had little faith in the president’s cognitive abilities.

Do you think Biden used the card to copy down his condolences?

“YOU enter the Roosevelt room and say hello to participants,” the notecard read. “YOU take YOUR seat,” it continued, just in case the president began wandering around or got any ideas about taking someone else’s seat, I suppose.

“YOU give brief comments,” it continued, making it abundantly clear the direction was intended for Biden alone.

“YOU ask Liz Shuler, President, AFL-CIO, a question,” it also instructed, anticipating perhaps what might have been the most challenging direction issued to Biden yet so far.

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That wasn’t the first time the president was issued handy notecards — recall his first solo news conference and his first high-stakes meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, for example.

We also cannot forget the numerous comments Biden has made about the “trouble” he might be in if he speaks to reporters for too long, or the reports that White House staffers have a protocol to put in place called “the wall” to shield the president from embarrassment if he gets too gabby with the media.

This latest indication that Biden needs step-by-step instructions to perform some of the simplest tasks did not escape the notice of sharp-eyed Twitter users:

Look, I’m not one to make petty political hay out of how our president has responded to the death of this great historical figure.

But I’m also pretty concerned about the history of our own great nation, and the fact that the only time Biden has appeared halfway coherent in public in recent months has been when he was labeling the half of the country that didn’t vote for him as “extremists” who pose a “threat” to our republic, only to turn around and show continued signs of cognitive decline, is concerning at best.

At the very least, it appears very insincere that the president would copy out a message of condolences to a grieving nation, if that is indeed what he was doing.

Queen Elizabeth II was a remarkable woman and leader, and it is difficult to understate her legacy or the love we ought to express to our neighbors across the pond at such a time as this.

Could not Biden have simply made an effort to appear to write a message from memory instead of a notecard?

The way the establishment media treated the presidency of Donald Trump was a disgrace — his every move was analyzed and combed over for signs of either corruption or insanity, quite often both.

Who can forget when he stepped in front of the queen for a fraction of a second after she graciously gestured for him to walk ahead of her during his state visit to the U.K.? The media treated it like an international crisis.

But Biden needs a cue card to write a message to commemorate her and what do we get? Crickets.

Meanwhile, the establishment media are sleeping on the fact that he appears to be going through the motions of the executive office on a tight leash, using teleprompters, notecards and carefully detailed directions to perform even the most basic of presidential duties.

The question is, who is holding the leash, and why are they working so hard to make sure Biden can appear cognizant in public?

These are disturbing questions to ask — but they must be asked all the same.

I shudder to think of the answers.

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