Watch: Cameras Were Rolling the Moment Trump Found Out Alec Baldwin Was Arrested


When news broke that actor Alec Baldwin had been arrested for allegedly punching someone in the face over a parking space dispute, it even made “Twitter Moments.” But the news went even further than that and generated yet another headline.

With cameras rolling, a reporter asked President Donald Trump — the subject of impersonation by Baldwin on SNL and general hate in commentary — what he thought about Baldwin’s arrest. In four words, Trump said it all.

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“I wish him luck.” He could have raged or been snarky, but instead he shrugged it off and wished the man luck.

Not everyone else handled it so kindly, however. On Twitter, some shared their own run-ins with Baldwin. It wasn’t pretty.

Do you believe Alec Baldwin needs anger management counseling?

The Daily Caller noted other incidents. These involved the police and reporter. Reporters seem to be one of his favorite targets.

“In 2014, Baldwin cursed at police officers and was charged with disorderly conduct. In 2013, Baldwin shoved a reporter outside his home while shouting ‘You don’t want to get hurt, do you?'”

Others raised other points, highlighting what some would call a pattern of behavior, and hypocrisy. It also was not pretty.

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And of course, some took their own shots at Baldwin. It was mostly pointing out the hypocrisy.

Baldwin has been seen leaving the police station, so he has been released. The terms of his release were not known at the time of publication. He did not have anything to say to waiting reporters.

Perhaps he will have something to say on SNL or on Twitter later on. Regardless, perhaps some court-ordered anger management might do him and his potential future victims a world of good.

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