Cat with Tumor for Face Left To Die in Kill Shelter, Then Angels Give Her Second Chance


Though they all share the heartache of abandonment, every animal arrives at a shelter with a different story.

Animals fortunate enough to be cute, healthy and personable stand a better chance of being adopted from a shelter than their unhealthy counterparts.

But cats like Keta, who had a massive tumor on her face, seem destined only for euthanization.

When Keta arrived at the kill shelter in New York, her sad fate seemed cemented. Finding a person willing to donate time, money, and energy to a cat with such a complex medical condition was highly unlikely.

But a nonprofit organization called Unwanted NYC Pets saw Keta as a sweet kitty who at least deserved a chance.

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The angels at Unwanted NYC Pets didn’t know for sure if they could help Keta or if she would ever be adopted, but they wanted to try.

They removed Keta from the shelter and worked with a team of veterinarians to determine if the tumor was cancerous and if it could be removed.

Keta’s case was anything but simple. If doctors remove her benign tumor, Keta could lose an eye, part of her jaw and possibly be even worse off than she was before.

“Is it morally right to put this cat through a massive surgery that will leave her even more deformed than she is with it?” her rescuers contemplated on Facebook. “Is it right to have her go through a recovery for weeks where she will need a feeding tube bc part of her jaw, eye and left nasal passage will be removed?”

“If we do this and she is miserable afterwards, what then?”

The team ultimately decided to give the surgery a go. They raised money to cover medical costs and watched as surgeons began the delicate process of removing the massive tumor.

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Surgery proved to be the best decision anyone could have made on behalf of Keta.

As her body healed, she gained full vision in the eye that had previously been almost swollen shut because of the tumor.

After spending time with a foster family, Keta finally landed with her forever home. “She is doing wonderfully,” Unwanted Pets NYC said.

While Keta’s origin story will always be a bit of a mystery, her future looks secure and comfortable thanks to a group of humans who gave this stray cat their hearts.

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