The History of the 'Come and Take It' Hat Is Deeper Than You Realize


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In 480 B.C. Spartan King Leonidas I was given an ultimatum.

King Xerxes I, with a Persian army numbering over 2,000,000 waiting to descend on Greece like jackals, demanded the outnumbered Spartans lay down their arms and submit to the yoke of the Achaemenid Empire.

Leonidas had only two words sent back to the Persian army: “Molon labe.”

Translated in English as “Come and take them,” these words have been a thorn in the side of tyrannical forces for generations. For this reason, the first step for many budding dictatorships is to strip the populace of any means to resist. Guns are taken away, and in extreme circumstances even kitchen implements are confiscated.

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Now, many find Leonidas’ words still echo as a cautious tale about gun control here in the United States of America.

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The words “Come and take it” were seen again in 1831 at Gonzales, Texas.

Texas was a province of Mexico, and settlers had a small cannon to protect against the violent and ruthless Comanche raids.

Political and societal unrest kindled fear in the Mexican government and Colonel Domingo de Ugartechea, military commander of the Texas territory, demanded the settlers give up their artillery piece.

The Texans responded with fire and steel, harassing the company of Mexican dragoons that had been sent to seize the cannon. After successfully chasing them away from Gonzales, the Texan commander returned to town and was greeted by a handmade flag: a white standard with their cannon in the center, with big, bold letters daring the Mexicans to “COME AND TAKE IT.”

Gonzales Flag

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The lessons of history are there for anyone to see. Humans are flawed, and the temptation to grab power and never let go is always present.

As Americans, our Second Amendment guarantees us the ability to counter tyranny from outside and from within.

This phrase is more than mere words from a historical footnote. “Molon Labe” is the attitude and mindset that ensures free people can live with liberty and freedom.

Just as we learned with Leonidas and his Spartan guard, all it takes to stop tyranny is a few brave men.

Looking back at the patriots and rebels of history, we know the surest way to keep a government transparent and in check is with well-armed citizens willing to dare bad guys to “come and take it.”

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This article was written by Jared Harris.

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