CBS Openly Admits Goal with Message to Artist Before Satanic Performance - It Was Hidden in Plain Sight


Sunday’s Grammy performance by Sam Smith is making headlines for all the wrong reasons, but a message CBS posted to the artist on Twitter just before the performance is making it even more disturbing.

Smith and Kim Petras performed their hit “Unholy” at the Grammys in a Satanic spectacle. The performance featured Smith clad in red armor with a horned hat and Petras in a cage surrounded by dancers who were wearing Satanic headgear.

This led to the performance being roundly condemned by conservatives, who are rightly drawing attention to this as another example of the fact that Hollywood seems to be aligning itself with demonic forces these days.

Then, the message that CBS sent to the artist on Twitter prior to the performance emerged, confirming what many people already suspected.

CBS responded to Smith’s tweet showing pictures of the rehearsal for the show by saying, “We are ready to worship.”

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In essence, CBS confirmed that the performance was, in fact, a ritual designed to worship Satan.

Many people have reacted to this tweet by pointing out that CBS is no longer trying to hide the fact that they are in league with evil. They feel confident enough to say it openly.

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One Twitter user responded by saying that this is why we should be very concerned with the culture war as if we let our guard down, we will be allowing Satan to influence our children.

Clearly, this is a massive cause for concern among Christians. Satan is a very real force who desires nothing more than to deprive human beings of Christ and drag them to hell.

The fact that one of the largest media corporations in America is now openly saying that they are in support of public devil worship is a bad sign for the future of this country.

Are you cornered by this satanic performance?

It confirms what many of us suspected for a long time, that the liberal elites in America are in league with evil, and have a demonic agenda for the nation, which is why we, as Christians, have a duty to stand up to them.

In addition, one cannot help but note that the performers were Sam Smith and Kim Petras, a gay man and a transgender respectively. This should give us a massive hint about where the LGBT movement is headed these days.

It is no longer about “acceptance” of a different lifestyle, it has morphed into a demonic religion, complete with public Satanic rituals.

We must pray and be on our guard, and we must show non-Christians the light before they become corrupted by the demonic influence of the media themselves.

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