CBS Poll on Armed Teachers Will Send Chill Down Democrats' Spines


If you have been seeing a mass of videos and memes created with the sole intent of getting you to believe you’re the only one who thinks it might be a good idea to allow teachers to be responsibly-armed on school grounds, you are not alone.

You are being misinformed.

A recent CBS News poll revealed that a surprising 44 percent of Americans support the idea of more teachers being allowed to carry in schools.

It’s not a majority of Americans, but it’s a far larger portion than liberals are willing to admit.

That’s from a mainstream media group, too — the true percentage may well be higher than that.

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The study further reported that 53 percent of those surveyed support the ban of the AR-15, 56 percent support a ban on bump stocks, and 75 percent support a ban on bump stocks, which further indicates to me that the results may be skewed a bit left of the political aisle.

In the wake of the Florida school shooting on Feb. 14 Democrats slammed current gun laws with demands ranging from stronger background checks to the repealing of the Second Amendment.

They were more than happy to weaponize victims of the school shooting to push their point across, as well.

I mean after all, the Second Amendment was conjured by a bunch of racist white men with a couple good ideas, right?

Should teachers be allowed to be armed in the classroom?

Now, let’s talk about this for a minute.

The Second Amendment is in place for a multitude of reasons — none of which are hunting. It allows for the defense against foreign enemies, either from a foreign government or assailants.

It also — and just as importantly — guarantees our God-given right to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government.

Liberals insist that the United States without a Second Amendment would be a death-free utopia, but we already know what a Second Amendment-less United States would look like.

Just take a look at how many crimes occur in gun-free zones.

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President Donald Trump will push for armed teachers, and the media will tie themselves into knots. He very likely will beat the leftists in this conflict, ramping up public support for the idea in the process, but at the end of the day we have to remember that our right to remain armed doesn’t come from the government.

It comes from up above.

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