Wedding Video: Dog Trots Down Aisle Carrying Rings, Dog Lovers Are Obsessed


When planning a wedding, you have to be very particular about every single detail. There are dozens of ways you can accidentally overlook something or offend participants and guests.

Seating arrangements are crucial, too. You sit old enemies next to each other and you’re going to have a bad time.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen are usually easy enough to determine, unless the bride and groom have a different number of people they want to involve.

The task of ring bearer and flower girl are generally handed off to whatever young relatives or friends the couple knows of.

They have to be the right age and temperament, though. You don’t want a kid who’s too young to walk or hold the items or a kid who will run screaming down the aisle (though, hey, that does make for a memorable ceremony).

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One trend has been to involve grandmas in this role that has generally been reserved for the under-60.

They bring joy to attendees and love the opportunity to be involved in the special day in such a special way.

But there’s another popular choice for ring bearer that doesn’t follow the norm. If you think about people these days, and those who are closest to them, you know pets factor pretty high up on the list of importance.

So that’s why some couples have opted to bring in a furred candidate. Kids are unpredictable and cute, dogs are unpredictable and cute — it just works.

Of course, there is a bit of training involved, and you need someone to be on hand to help bring them on site and then send them down the aisle, but the result can be pretty charming.

Just check out this adorable ring bearer. The fluffy golden retriever trots down the aisle, decked out in glitter, with a ring basket in its mouth.

It’s hard to tell if this pupper is male or female, but it’s clearly a very good boy (or girl). It prances toward its owners, though as it passes the camera you can tell how much it wants to stop and say hi to everyone.

But this pup has a mission. It has to get the rings to mom and dad.

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Once it makes it to the front of the ceremony, the groom instructs it to sit and then sit up on its hind legs, basket still firmly held in its mouth.

After the basket is handed over, though, the retriever becomes a bundle of wiggles, and cannot seem to contain its love and joy as the bride gives it a pat.

Some viewers pointed out that the dog listens to dad, but adores mom. Some predicted that response for future kids, too.

You can’t deny, though, that this dog did a stellar job. Did you involve a pet in your ceremony? Would your dog do something like this?

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