Climate Protesters Try Storming American Baseball Game, Cops Take Them Down Before They Can Clear the Outfield


If climate protesters weren’t so self-righteously obnoxious, you could almost admire their tenacity.

No matter how many times the general populace has made their disdain for them abundantly clear, no matter how many times these protesters have humiliated themselves on the world stage, they just keep trying again.

This time, they decided to try their luck on the field of the annual Congressional Baseball Game.

A tradition hearkening back to 1909, the Congressional Baseball Game has provided a chance for the increasingly antagonistic Democrats and Republicans to express that antagonism through America’s national pastime, while raising money for charity.

And it was this at hallowed event that a group of eight hapless protesters decided to stage their demonstration.

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According to  The Washington Examiner, on Wednesday night, the game was proceeding as usual when the eight protesters from Climate Defiance attempted to storm the field.

Releasing, for some reason, footage of the thwarted protest on their official X account, Climate Defiance captioned the video with the declaration, “We have taken the field at the Congressional Baseball Game + play has FROZEN! … This Chevron-sponsored game cannot continue. This is unconscionable.”

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As seen in the video, the protesters climbed over the barriers to the field, donning shirts reading “END FOSSIL FUELS.”

Almost instantly, they were tackled to the ground by Capitol Police, while spectators filmed the incident and vocalized their approval of the police action.

Another X user shared a different angle of the debacle, which showed that the protesters barely made it to the outfield, while spectators shouted “yeah!” and cheered for the police.

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According to UPI, the police were aware of a potential protest and informed the public that they had ensured “we had plenty of resources to swiftly respond.”

Later, Climate Defiance themselves confirmed that several of those protesters had been arrested for their actions on the field.

The schadenfreude was palpable in the comments on Climate Defiance’s self-righteous X post.

One user wrote, “And we all laughed at you… you’re literally achieving nothing.”

“I’ll take you seriously when you only wear, use, and eat what is made without petroleum products,” another wrote.

User Joe Chenelly pinpointed precisely the difference between the consequences for protesting in the U.S., versus, say France or Great Britain: “These guys aren’t getting appearance tickets and released around the corner. They went to an actual jail. The feds are different.”

And he was absolutely spot-on in his observation.

While their equally obnoxious brethren across the pond tend to receive little more than a slap on the wrist for defacing priceless works of art or glueing themselves to runways, the climate protesters here were swiftly incarcerated.

This wasn’t a museum in London or a roadway in Vancouver, this was the Congressional Baseball Game.

Of course the Capitol Police would tackle them to the ground and haul them off to jail before they could even spout one inane slogan.

And, honestly, it was refreshing to see.

Though the arrests here probably won’t break through Climate Defiance’s invincible ignorance, it might at least caution them to think twice before trying to disrupt events connected with the U.S. Government.

Still, if they weren’t so shrill, self-righteous, and hypocritical, you could almost admire their willingness to proclaim their cause from the rooftops despite the universal hatred they’ve acquired.


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